Twin Chandeliers Add Traditional Glamour

Crystal chandeliers are widely popular over dining room tables in formal homes. You might even see them in bathrooms but there they require careful attention to electrical codes…water and low-hanging light fixtures never mix. However, that’s another topic.

Waypoint's style 630F in Maple Auburn Glaze

Photo compliments of Burgese Kitchens of Philadelphia. Waypoint's style 630F in Maple Auburn glaze

In this charming kitchen by Burgese Kitchens of Philadelphia PA, a different direction on chandeliers was taken. Small, twin chandeliers in combination with an island hood provide all the task lighting needed for the island. They add a whole lot of glamour too.

When hanging a chandelier over a table the usual height is 30”-34” off the surface. They can be a bit higher when installed over an island. This provides a better view while cooking and a larger pool of light on the countertop. Now, you might ask how you would clean chandeliers in a kitchen.

Well, if you love the look, it’s worth the extra work required to keep them looking their best. Regular dusting is necessary and the new-ish wand microfiber dusters make this an easy job. Following manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning the fixture is the most sensible path. If there aren’t specific instructions, some suggest using warm water mixed with isopropyl alcohol to clean each and every one of those beautiful crystals. Of course, keeping the light bulbs sparkling clean is vitally important too.

Some other things I like about this kitchen are:

  • The warm look of the Maple Auburn Glaze cabinetry
  • The man-doors and crown molding are stained to match the cabinetry
  • The reduced depth base cabinets on the left wall allow more space in the aisle way behind the cooktop
  • The drawers below the cooktop-so useful for pots and pans
  • The slightly curved ends on the island
  • The wine rack comes down to the counter for an easy reach.

A well-designed kitchen is a compilation of practical planning, correct product selection, good color choices and just a touch of something special  to make the room unforgettable. The crystal chandeliers in this kitchen easily fill that last requirement.

Ten Interesting Things about this Dreamy Wine Room

The number of people who enjoy a glass of wine continues to increase according to Wine Enthusiast magazine, boomers have long enjoyed a glass of vino, but now it’s the Millennials (those reaching young adulthood in the year 2000) that are adding to the popularity. This age group is also more interested in visiting vineyards on their vacations and making their own wine as a hobby. Homemade wine can be made from actual grapes etc. (my neighbors make mulberry wine from the berries on the tree in their yard) or there are kits that include the concentrate and all the additives.

Waypoint's style 730S in Cherry Java

Waypoint's style 730S in Cherry Java

With that many wine lovers around, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the perfect room in which to store the wine and to entertain your like-minded friends? This wine room has just about everything a person could ever want.

  1. Book shelves with Stem Glass Holders start the sophisticated storage
  2. A 42” high wall cabinet is placed on the counter for easy-reach storage
  3. Wine Storage Cubes add wine racks for those wines that don’t need to be chilled
  4. A cantilevered cap gives a certain sophistication and accent lighting
  5. A cantilevered countertop continues the theme …’love the look
  6. Layered countertops are a hot trend right now and this one looks great. I call an area like this an attached island or you could also call it a peninsula
  7. Two different  countertop materials give lots of texture to this room
  8. Open space for collectables under the counter is a unique look or just leave the space open to give some design relief
  9. Base Wine Cubes tucked under counter give a third kid of wine storage
  10. An adjacent seating area with a contemporary fireplace is the perfect way to end an evening

Wood and Paint make Perfect Companions

Waypoint's style 610S in Maple Hazelnut Maple glaze and Maple Espresso

Photo compliments of Bayview Building Materials of Olympia WA. Waypoint's style 610S.

Mixing painted and wood finishes is a natural. Nothing looks better than painted cabinets sitting on a beautiful wood floor. The trend of mixing wood and painted cabinetry continues to have lots of ‘steam’ too. The number one choice for mixing cabinet finishes is adding a cherry or darker stained maple island in a painted kitchen like the one above designed by Bayview Building Materials of Olympia WA . I have seen it done in reverse on occasion. No matter what, it gives the kitchen a look of having evolved over time. I like that a lot.

Waypoint's style 720F in Maple Hazelnut Glaze

Photo compliments of Stone Gable Custom Cabinetry Manheim,PA. Cabinets: Waypoint's style 720F in Maple Hazelnut Glaze.

Above, the custom wood hood and the dining set add another element to the dark stained island. Even the dark finish on the light fixture is part of the planned repetition of design elements. Some of the other things worth noting in this kitchen by Stone Gable Custom Cabinetry of Manheim PA are:

  • The rustic wood floor contrasts with more refined cabinetry
  • The grooved paneling and shapely Base Turned Leg on the side of the island
  • The warm tile back splash with a decorative pattern behind the range
Waypoint's style 610S

Photo compliments of WrightBuilt Inc. of Grass Valley CA. Cabinets: Waypoint's style 610S.

In an unusual application of contrasting cabinetry, mid tone wall cabinets float over the built-in painted base storage cabinets in this project by  Wright Built Inc. of Grass Valley, CA . I like that the contrasting cabinets give the sense of a one-of-a-kind home.

Again, the designer used repetition to pull the design together. Note that the dining furniture is a similar tone to the cabinetry. Even the warm tone in the glass shades on the hanging lights over the peninsula have a similar feeling. It all combines to make a warm and inviting family home.

Transitional Kitchen with Just a Touch of Asian Influence

Waypoint's style 620D in Maple Espresso

Photo compliments of Sorensen Design Concepts of Fredericksburg VA. Style 620D in Maple Espresso

With its stainless steel appliances and back splash tile behind the huge gas range, at first glance you might think this kitchen is contemporary, But look at the cabinetry. It’s traditional raised panel (style 620D) in Maple Espresso. The arched valance over the sink also adds a traditional look but what I love about this kitchen is the introduction of the light fixture over the table and the counter stools that have an Asian feeling. When all these styles are beautifully combined, the style is called transitional.

Transitional simply means the happy marriage of contemporary and traditional styles.

I have always thought that if someone can make really good soup…they can cook pretty much anything. Soup requires the artful combination of herbs, spices vegetables and what-have-you. Mixing decorating styles with equal dexterity creates design magic. That’s just what Sorensen Design Concepts of Fredericksburg VA did in this very special kitchen.

Waypoint Design Contest Winners

If there was ever any doubt about the popularity of painted white Shaker style cabinetry, it is now firmly put to rest. The winners in all three categories of the latest Waypoint Living Spaces design contest chose style 650F in Maple Linen for their winning entries. The three looks are all a bit different which speaks to the flexibility of this door style.


Waypoint's style 650F in Maple Linen

Photo compliments of Kitchens By Design of Indianapolis Indiana. Waypoint's style 650F in Maple Linen

The winning kitchen was designed by Kitchens by Design of Indianapolis Indiana. It has a classic look with its nail studded gray leather counter stools and gray veined countertops. The lights over the island have the look of updated vintage fixtures. The tall goose neck faucet looks like it could have come from a professional kitchen. The heavy top molding is a perfect finishing treatment.


Waypoint's style 650F in Maple Linen

Photo compliments Zelmar Kitchen Designs & More. Cabinetry: Waypoint's style 650F in Maple Linen

The owners’ of this retirement home asked for a master bathroom that made them feel like they were in their own private spa. Zelmar Kitchen Designs & More, LLC of Orlando converted the 1990s space into the room of their dreams. The striated floor tile and stand-alone bathtub are just as much on-trend as the style 650F vanity cabinets in Maple Linen. The stained glass window adds color and pattern in the otherwise sleek room


Waypoint Living Spaces style 650F in Maple Linen

Photo compliments of Riley Kitchen and Bath of Bristol Rhode Island. Cabinetry: Waypoint's Style 650F in Maple Linen

The built-in hutch in the breakfast area of this Massachusetts home added storage and style. The bleached wood flooring was the perfect background for the painted cabinetry. The symmetrical design features Wine Storage Cubes, clear glass inserts in the center and bumped-outs in the wall and base sections. The whole look has an updated country look. Design by Riley Kitchen and Bath of Bristol, Rhode Island.

I love the look of the soft white of Maple Linen cabinets and apparently so do a lot of other designers.

Smart Closets

No one wants to settle for just getting-by when it comes to closet space. In fact, most people are very overwhelmed with their wardrobes. Statistics say that we wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. Add to that, The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that households spend, on average, $1,700 a year on apparel, footwear and related products and services. That’s an incredible 3.5%   of the average annual household’s expenditures. So things tend to build up if one isn’t careful.

Waypoint's style 730S in Cherry Java

Built-in storage can supplement existing storage or be the primary closet. Here base height cabinets add more storage and provide the perfect place to hold a television for nighttime viewing. Waypoint's style 730S in Cherry Java.

In older homes, closets are almost non-existent. At best, they are small. Even they can be improved by enlarging the doorway so the whole space is accessible. Adding double rods expands storage by two. Double rods also discourages the clutter that tends to build-up on closet floors.

But when there is just nothing to work with, bedroom built-ins are the perfect solution for a an older home. Utility cabinets become hanging storage; shelving holds everything from undergarments to knit tops. Drawers are prefect for socks and sweaters. Cabinetry styles and finishes come in a wide variety to compliment every decorating style.

Waypoint's style 630F in Cherry Chocolate

Double rod storage maximizes hanging space. Tall bookshelves hold foldede garments in this large walk-in closet. Waypoint's style 630F in Cherry Chocolate Glaze

When a generous walk-in closet exists, the possibilities are almost unlimited. Sections can be customized for each person if it’s a shared space. While I’m a fan of double-rodding, most closets benefit from single rods also. Usually, that space is for dresses but men need it too if they prefer to hang their slacks by the cuff instead over the knee.

Waypoint's style 630F in Cherry Chocolate Glaze

A bit of counter space in the closet always comes in handy. Waypoint's style 630F in Cherry Chocolate Glaze

Some other things that add to the convenience of a walk-in closet are:

  • Lighted closed rods…they really exist
  • A full length mirror
  • A built-in ironing board
  • A place to sit with putting on shoes and socks
  • A ventilation unit similar to a bathroom fan that will keep air circulating eliminating shoe odors and dry cleaning fumes