Open Floor Plans Still Preferred by Homeowners

Almost everyone seems to like the concept of open plan homes. Closed plans…those that primarily separate the kitchen from the rest of the public spaces still have their own fans. Closed kitchens are great for those who are not naturally tidy cooks, prepare highly aromatic foods or just like to be left alone while cooking.

The rest of us like to be integrated into the home while preparing meals like the magnificent project below by The RockAway Company. They opened up the wall to the adjacent room as a major part of the remodeling of this home.

Waypoint's style 510S in Maple Auburn Glaze

Photo compliments of The Rockaway Company Haltom City,TX

What started this trend? About 15 to 20 years ago there was a lifestyle movement called cacooning. People found staying home was preferable to going out to eat and to the movies. Home theaters took root and while they have morphed to large flat screen televisions all over the house; the idea remains popular today. Cacooning meant staying close together as a family unit.

The other major factor in the popularity of open plan living is the increase in the number of homes where both adults work full time. That makes family time especially precious. With open plans parents can supervise homework, throw in a load of laundry while preparing the evening meal.

Waypoint's style 610D in Maple Auburn Glaze

Photo compliments of UNI Design Greeley,CO

Talk about open floor plans, this kitchen above by UNI Design is open left, right, up and down. What fun it would be to attend a party here!

Open plan homes have several good things going for them. They are great for people who like to entertain no matter the size of the family. Fewer walls make it easier for people to circulate. They also allow the flow of light from one room to the other making spaces brighter. And everyone loves more light….like the light-filled kitchen below by WS Solutions of Toledo Ohio.

Waypoint's style 650S in Maple Linen

Photo compliments of WS Solutions Toledo, OH

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces

10 Interesting Things about This New Master Bath

This master suite by City Cabinet Center of San Diego CA was part of a new addition. The homeowners wanted a touch of the Craftsman look and chose style 420S cabinets in Maple Auburn Glaze. Let’s take a more in-depth look at this great new space.

Waypoint's style 420S in Maple Auburn Glaze

Photo compliments of City Cabinet Center

1. Separated vanities are so practical in a shared bathroom. Here, the room is large enough that the users won’t even be bumping backsides when getting ready at the same time.

2. The faucet and controls to the tub are placed at the end of the tub. Nothing is worse that installing them right dead center at the entry of the tub where you have to be a gymnast to get in without injuring yourself.

3. The lowered sit-down make up area is making a comeback. This one is wide enough to hold all kinds of grooming needs.

4. Differing vanity heights make the back splash a bit tricky but this is the perfect solution: strike a line with tile and make in continuous. Easy to clean and gives continuity of line.

5. Side lights are the best kind of light for bathroom mirrors. Light coming from both sides fills in the contours of the face and makes shaving and applying makeup easier.

6. Banks of drawers on either side of the sink base give a total of six spaces to organize bath necessities.

7. Shallow vessel-style basins have crisp square lines that contrast with the rounded lights and mirrors.

8. A cheek wall gives a bit privacy at the entry to the bathroom.

9. Light neutral colors make the room feel bright and contemporary.

10. Tile flooring is classic, elegant and easy to clean.

To see another view of this great bathroom, check out City Cabinet Center’s website gallery by clicking here.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces

Painted Kitchens Done Right

White kitchens have a long history. They go back to the 20s and 30s when kitchens, as we know them today, were just getting a foothold. I grew up in a home in the 50s with a white Youngstown steel kitchen with chrome handles. It was state of the art back in the day. Today’s white kitchens are still classics but the genre has expanded to include a wide range of neutrally painted finishes.  And there are lots of reasons why this is true.


Waypoint's style 650F in Maple Linen

Photo compliments of Total Kitchen Outfitters

Small Kitchens are often well served by light painted cabinets. While there aren’t really any firm rules for handling small spaces, light finishes are generally accepted as a good choice. A perfect example is this apartment kitchen by Total Kitchen Outfitters of Brooklyn NY. All that natural light is a bonus too. I also like how the cabinets were angled back to fit in an eating area for three. It’s all part of the picture but the white cabinets make it work.


Waypoint's style 720F in Maple Hazelnut Glaze

Photo compliments of Stone Gable Custom Cabinetry

Painted cabinets are a perfect foil for wood accents. It could be flooring, countertops, furniture or a contrasting wood island like this lovely project by Stone Gable Custom Cabinetry of Manheim PA. The island, hood, table and chairs are all in the same warm wood tone. The lighter wood floor is the other wood element in this style 720 in Maple Hazelnut Glaze kitchen.


Waypoint's style 650F in Maple Cream Glaze

Photo compliments of Cabinet-S-Top

Neutrally painted kitchens can be re-invented time and time again. Changing paint color and accessories makes all the difference in world. A rich, warm earth tone adds contrast to this kitchen by Cabinet-S-Top of Medina Ohio but imagine how different it would look with pure white walls. Paint and accessories can give a totally different look to a light painted kitchen.


Waypoint's 650F in Maple Linen

Photo compliments of Premier Floors, Inc.

When nearly everything is white (or nearly so) the look is …well, white hot. There is just enough contrast in the wood flooring to make the rest of the room sparkle. Project by Premiere Floors, Inc. of Sterling VA.


Waypoint's 510S in Maple Linen

Photo compliments of Kabco Kitchens

Buzz words on home improvement television shows are often clean and fresh. What better words could describe a white kitchen? This crisp kitchen by Kabco Kitchens of Miami Florida is a perfect example. It’s like a sip of sparkling water on a hot day.  And you have to love the touch of glamour added by the crystal chandelier.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces

Making the Bathroom Safe for Everyone in the Family

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over a quarter of a million people annually end up in the emergency room due to injuries in the bathroom. And you might be surprised to know that it isn’t just the elderly that are susceptible to bathroom injuries although they are the number one age group. The statistics on injuries begin much younger where fainting is the primary cause for those ages 15-24. While no statistics exist to prove it, substance abuse is thought to be the reason. The point is that safe design in the bathroom is critical for all ages.

The best description of universal design is that some things are good for all of us…no matter what our age or physical ability. Many of the things that make a bathroom safer are relatively simple: comfort-height toilets, single handle faucets, good lighting, grab bars and a bathroom large enough for a 60” turning radius should a wheelchair user ever use the room.   And never, ever choose polished stone flooring which is a slipping hazard for everyone.

Waypoint's style 730S in Maple Cognac

Photo compliments of Relo Interior Services

More than a third of bathroom injuries happen while bathing or showering so that area needs special attention. This wonderful shower designed by Relo Interior Services of Tampa Florida (see above) has everything covered. Not only are grab bars part of the design but the built-in shower seat provides safe seating while showering. A seat in the shower is practical for the elderly but younger family members will find it useful if someone comes down with the flu and feels a little unsteady on their feet or even has a sports injury. Both a standard showerhead and a hand held shower are included for maximum flexibility by all. A big plus is the shower entrance that has no curb to step over. This shower is convenient for all.

Waypoint's Style 420s in Maple Espresso

Photo compliments of WrightBuilt Inc.

Waypoint's style 510 in Maple Coffee Glaze

Photo compliments of WrightBuilt Inc.

Those with special needs have many products available today. For wheelchair users, vanity basins can be lowered and the user’s legs protected from the hot water supply lines by using a Plumbing Skirt as shown in the photo above in Maple Espresso cabinetry.  The projects (above) both by WrightBuilt, Inc.  of Grass Valley California show sensitivity for all users. Front opening bathtubs are a perfect solution for those that need a more stable seated option for bathing.  Models are even available with power lift for wheelchair users for even more assistance to those that need it.

A well-designed bathroom should be stylish, calming, usable by all and most importantly safe.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces

Genius Storage Ideas Part 2 of 2

Last week we looked at some great ideas for storage all over the home and this week we have a few more clever ideas to consider.

What a charming use of a partial wall that divides the kitchen from the dining room. This sleek hutch in Maple Hazelnut Glaze was the work of Stone Gable Custom Cabinetry of Manheim PA. Instead of wall cabinets, book shelves were used for the upper section giving display area over reduced depth doors and drawers. Genius!

Waypoint's style 720R in Maple Hazelnut Glaze

Photo compliments of Stone Gable Custom Cabinetry

After purchasing a new home, these homeowners in the Bradenton Florida area were looking to upgrade…and this dining area built-in (see below) was top on their list. Designed by M & L Cabinets it has wall cabinets stacked together and a full-width open space above for decorative items. Think of all the dinnerware, serving pieces and linens this unit would hold. Genius!

Waypoint's style 720 in Cherry Chocolate Glaze

Photo compliments of M & L Cabinets and Bradenton FL

This clever display cabinet on the end of the island (below) has great storage, gives a more furniture look to the end facing the living area AND supports the snack bar countertop. Designed by Total Kitchen Outfitters of Brooklyn NY, it serves three functions in one. Genius!

Waypoint's style 610D in Maple Hazelnut Glaze

Photo compliments of Total Kitchen Outfitters

Of course the best way to maximize your storage in the kitchen is to fill as many cabinets as possible with interior storage accessories. This kitchen is loaded with dividers, rollouts and specialty racks. Genius!

Waypoint's style 750F in  Silk Paint with a Maple Espresso Island

Waypoint's style 750F in Silk Paint with a Maple Espresso Island

I like nothing better than to look though photos of great projects to share with you!

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces

Genius Storage Ideas-Part 1 of 2

Every little space in a home is important when it comes to storage. I have been looking through some project photos done by Waypoint dealers that have some creative ways to store all the things we have. Take a look.

The hutch below was designed by California Cabinetry LTD of Rocklin CA compliments and softens the transition between the kitchen and dining room. At the same time matching pantries provide plenty of storage and the deeper center wall cabinet easily fits today’s larger dinner plates. Genius!

Waypoint's style 610D in Maple Hazelnut Glaze

Photo compliments of California Cabinetry LTD

The large built-in shown below was installed by WrightBuilt Inc. of Grass Valley CA on a long blank wall in a living room. The homeowners wanted to store items of various depths so the cabinets vary from 12″ to 18″ in depth with the center section 24″ deep. That section was designed to hold board games. Genius!

Waypoint's 450S in Maple Spice

Photo compliments of WrightBuilt Inc. of Grass City CA

Below, this custom medicine cabinet by the Cypress Design Company of East Providence RI  is as wide as the vanity below. It was created from wall cabinets reduced to 6″ deep and installed side by side. Plenty of room for all kinds of grooming needs. Genius!

Waypoint's style 610D in painted maple

Photo compliments of Cypress Design Company

Next week we’ll look at more genius storage ideas!

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces