A Touch of Country Here and There (Part One of a Two-Part Blog)

Relaxed, casual, reminiscent of a simpler time and sometimes a bit rustic, that’s country. And because things were simpler in farm houses, some country details fit nicely in to today’s clean-lined interiors. The vast popularity of Shaker style cabinetry seems to work in nearly every look from country to contemporary so do other details.

Waypoint's style 650F in Cherry Java and Maple Line

Photo complements of Universal Factory Direct Portsmouth,NH. Cabinets: style 650F in a mixture of Cherry Java and Maple Linen

In this charming kitchen (above) by Universal Factory Direct Portsmouth,NH you see several country touches that would be welcome in many homes. The chiseled face of the farm sink, the hardwood floors, the mixture of painted and dark cherry finish cabinetry and the beaded board on the custom hood all say country to me.

There are some basic details that immediately make you think of a charming home in the country. Here is a list of some of those details:

  1. Farm sinks
  2. Beaded board on walls, ceilings or almost anywhere
  3. Beams
  4. Wood floors
  5. Antique (or simply old) furnishings and accessories
  6. Things that don’t match perfectly
  7. Open shelving
  8. Unadorned windows
  9. Decorative plates on the wall as decoration
  10. Cup pulls on cabinetry
  11. Glass doors with mullions
  12. Painted cabs
  13. Collections of interesting or quirky things
  14. Practical furniture and kitchen fittings

In pouring through some of the projects done by Waypoint Living Spaces dealers, I found a number that had just a touch or two of the country look.Next week, we’ll look at several more projects all with that touch of country. ‘See you then!

Metal Magic

A walk through any decorating accessory store or browsing through shelter magazines and it will quickly become apparent that metallics are definitely ‘in’ these days. From framed mirrors to lamps and wall art, metallic finishes are seen everywhere. Copper has its fans as does iron and brass is making a bit of a comeback too.

The most common metal seen in today’s kitchens is clearly brushed nickle and similar finishes. Personally, I don’t think stainless steel appliances are going away anytime soon so I expect  that metallic finish, in particular, is going to be with us for a long time.

Waypoint's Style 650S in Oak Espresso.

Photo complements of Relo interior Services of Tampa Florida. Cabinets: Style 650S

This wonderful contemporary kitchen by Relo Interior Services of Tampa FL combines stainless steel appliances and sink with aluminum cabinet doors. The finishes blend beautifully. The operative word here is blend. Not all metals have to match. There are minor differences among the appliances, cabinet doors and faucets and that’s okay. Any room is more attractive with a variety of textures.

One of the magical parts of this design is the careful selection of wall cabinets with identical size doors. It gives a well-planned look and adds to the contemporary vibe.

Note the reflective quality of the hood, light fixtures and the tile back splash. Photo complements of by Sorenson Design Center of Fredericksburg Virginia.

When using metallics in a room it’s wise to keep the color scheme neutral.  Grays are a natural of course but any neutral scheme will work.

One more nice thing about metals is that they reflect light and make a room see more lively.….just one more reason to love the look.

Ten Interesting things About This Before and After Kitchen

Before and After kitchens always interest me because they show the possibility in every kitchen. No matter how grim. The owners of this Pennsylvania home had waited a long time to remodel their outdated kitchen and PRO-Builders of York LLC did a masterful job of making their dreams come true. Here are some things I found interesting about the project:

Waypoint's style 730S in Maple Espresso

AFTER kitchen complements of PRO-Builder of York LLC. Cabinets style 730S in Maple Espresso

  1. The soffits were removed and wall cabinets taken up to the ceiling for more storage

    BEFORE photo complements of PRO-Builders of York LLC

    and ab up-to date look

  2. The cooktop/wall oven combination changed to a 30” range. In the BEFORE photo you can see that there is no counter space to the left of the cooktop and it’s way too close to the wood of the oven cabinet. Dangerous and inconvenient
  3. The area around the window opened up by eliminating the valance and soffit
  4. Wide slat blinds and a red hanging pendant change the look completely.
  5. The kitchen ceiling fan (always a dust collector) was removed and recessed lighting added
  6. The change from outdated, somewhat elderly cabinets to sleek style 730S cabinets in Maple Espresso is probably the most dramatic change to this room
  7. Changing the flooring from vinyl to hardwood brings the look into the 21st century
  8. The appliances were all upgraded to stainless steel.
  9. The island adds extra work surface, storage and…
  10. The bi-level island allows a place to include outlets and an attached eating area for four.

You have to love it when a plan really comes together. I’m sure the homeowners are thrilled with their new kitchen.

Narrow Spaces…Make the Most of What You Have! Part Two of a two-Part blog.

Last week we looked at a narrow kitchen and an office that have been maximized to the fullest. In part-two of this blog series, we are going to take a look at this lovely (but narrow) bathroom designed by WrightBuilt Inc. of Grass Valley California.

The colors are light and the right-hand wall is left  empty to facilitate ease of traffic. Even though the room is narrow it has nice touches: the warmth of the Maple Coffee cabinetry and the mosaic back splash add so much to the room. I love the recess in the shower for toiletries and the sensible addition of grab bars.

Cabinets: Waypoint's style 510S Maple Coffee Glaze

The clear frameless shower doors in this long narrow bathroom helps visually open the space. Photo complements of WrightBuilt Inc. Cabinets: Style 520S in Maple Coffee Glaze

Narrow rooms are always a challenge but there are ways to make the most of them. Here are some tips that will help:

  • Use light colors to keep the tight space open and airy
  • Leave one wall empty to allow for ease of traffic flow
  • Always meet basic building code requirements for walkways, entrance, and egress
  • Reduce the depths of cabinets if necessary to give the proper clearances
  • An interesting ceiling treatment, whether that means heavy molding, beams, beaded board or pressed tin, will draw the eye upward and will de-emphasize the narrow room
  • Clear glass frameless shower doors appear to take up less space and will make the room seem larger
  • Make sure there is sufficient light both natural and artificial….my crown rule for every room
  • Cooler colors recede and warmer colors seem to visually advance so colors like blues and greens may give the illusion of more space.

Narrow Spaces…Make the Most of What You Have! Part One of a two-Part blog

A long narrow space is one of the toughest design challenges out there. Allowing the space to function for its intended purpose and still have room for people to move freely in the space is never easy.

If it’s a living room, breaking the room up into two or more separate seating areas is one way to handle the space. But what do you do with other small narrow spaces around the home?

Waypoint's style 650S in painted finish

Photo complements of Premier Floors, Inc. Sterling,VA. Cabinets: Style 650S in painted finish

Not every kitchen should have walls torn out. In this beautiful kitchen by Premier Kitchens of Sterling VA the designer even worked in a sit down snack area. Notice the tight color palette and how it makes the room seem expansive. Who wouldn’t love this kitchen?

Waypoint's style 720 Maple Honey

Photo complements of Lifestyle Space Design of New York,NY. Cabinets: style 720 in Maple Honey

This extremely narrow room was turned into a clever home office by Lifestyle Space Design of New York City. The see-through work surface on the right helps make the room feel less constricting. The knee space at the end of the room even makes this tiny area work for two people! The wall-mounted file file holders were a great way to make the most of the space too. Clever!

Next week, we’ll look at a long narrow bathroom and I’ll share some general rules on how to make the most of the narrow space you have.

Waypoint Exclusive Cabinetry Partner in New Home Improvement Show

Photo Credit: 2015 Fox Broadcasting Company

HOME FREE, a new competition series that will feature never-before-seen twists and plenty of surprises, as couples vie to win their dream home. Pictured: Famed professional contractor Mike Holmes (“Holmes on Homes®”), the eight-episode unscripted series breaks ground Wednesday, July 22 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Photo Credit: 2015 Fox Broadcasting Company

Mike Holmes is undisputedly the most believable name in remodeling television today. He’s known for his no-nonsense views, the need to do things right and his utter disdain for those who don’t.

Now Mike has teamed up with the Fox Broadcasting Company for a brand new show called Home Free. And Waypoint Living Spaces is proud to be the exclusive cabinetry partner with Holmes and Fox on this new series. Look for beautiful cabinetry provided by Waypoint in each of the shows.

Now, more about the show: In a series of eight shows, couples with little or no remodeling experience team up to remodel homes for deserving families. The ultimate prize for the winning couple is their own dream home. Because it is a competition, one couple is eliminated at the end of each show. The show has a heart-warming twist though: The eliminated couple is given the very house they just helped remodel!

Home Free airs Wednesday evenings on FOX at 9 PM EST.