Ten Interesting things about This Style 720R Kitchen

This wonderful kitchen by Kreofsky Builders of Rochester MN was designed  with a mitered door style in a painted finish with a Hazelnut Glaze. It’s full of good ideas and great kitchen inspiration. Let’s look at ten things that caught my eye:

Waypoint's style 720R in Maple Hazelnut Glaze

Photo complements of Kreofsky Building Supply. Cabinetry: style 720R in Maple Hazelnut Glaze

  1. Arched opening-Arches go in and out of vogue but the arch here just feels right in this space and it frames the entrance to the kitchen beautifully
  2. 2. Coffered ceiling- The traditional ceiling framed to give the effect  of sunken panels adds a look of old-world class to the room
  3. Light fixtures- The trio of spherical textured lights add a touch of the exotic
  4. Island- This island is generously large and makes the perfect work triangle with the cooktop situated nicely between the sink and refrigerator. I also love the Base Turned Legs supporting the snack area that gives a furniture look to the whole work area
  5. Decorator doors- Note the decorator doors on the back of the island and area that is often overlooked. Here, it’s  the perfect welcome to the kitchen
  6. Counter stools- The woven texture contrasts nicely with the  polished stone countertops and tile backsplashes
  7. Flooring- The rustic look of the varying shades of wood in the flooring is great with the smooth painted cabinetry

    Waypoint's style 720R in Maple Hazelnut Glaze

    Photo complements of Kreofsky Building Supply. Cabinetry: style 720R in Maple Hazelnut Glaze

  8. Columns- The sink is a special space in its own right. First, it’s pulled out to give it an interesting profile and even more space behind the faucets. Then, Full Turned Posts are used to flank the sink base for just the right touch of embellishment
  9. Dishwashers-Two! (everyone’s dream): one full size and one two drawer unit give the ultimate flexibility to the clean-up process. They are perfect for lunch dishes for two or there’s plenty of space to handle the dishes after that big Sunday family dinner
  10. 10. Beautiful view out the window- Sometimes nature provides just the right touch. Of course, the well planned windows make that all possible.

The owners of this Minnesota home wanted a more functional kitchen for family and guests and they certainly got just that.

Large Sleek Contemporary Kitchen

Not many homes have this kind of space to work with when it comes to choosing a new kitchen. However, these homeowners were building a new home and wanted a large open space to entertain… and they surely got it! I can only image the grand gatherings that might take place in this space.

Waypoint's style 410S in Maple Natural

Photo complements of Kitchen Krafters, Inc of Fredericksburg Virginia. Cabinets: style 410S in Maple Natural

There are several interesting things about this kitchen:  For one, I love the convenience of wall cabinet storage but this magnificent (there is no other word for it) kitchen by Kitchen Krafters, Inc. of Fredericksburg VA has an artistic window arrangement where wall storage is usually located. But tall utility cabinets make up for the wall cabinets and they add to the contemporary feel of the space.

Waypoint's style 410S in Maple Natural

Photo complements of Kitchen Krafters, Inc. of Fredericksburg. Cabinetry: Waypoint's style 410S in Maple Natural

I always pay attention to kitchen lighting and while there are plenty of windows to make the kitchen bright during the day, a variety of ceiling mounted light fixtures handle the general illumination at night. I am seeing more of this sort of lighting these days and a little less of recessed down lighting.

I only wish I had a picture of the other side of the room, yes,…there’s even more to this super-sized kitchen.

Elegance Personified

Waypoint's style 511S in Maple Hazelnut Glaze

Photo complements of Cabinet-S-Top of Medina Ohio. Cabinets: Waypoint's style 511S in Maple Hazelnut Glaze

What an elegant bathroom! From the soft monochromatic color pallet to the touch of aged metal on the light fixtures, it looks like something you might see in an upscale Paris apartment. But it’s right here in Ohio.

Wallpaper has been working its way back in fashion over the past several years. Here the damask (monochromatic, slightly lustrous pattern originally found in fabrics woven on  jacquard looms)  wallpaper lends one more layer of elegance to the room. The designer of this project is Cabinet-S-Top of Medina Ohio.

Here are some other things I like about this gorgeous room:

  1. The lighting is installed on both sides of each mirror. That’s the best kind of light for any area used for shaving, inserting contacts or applying makeup. It fills in the areas around the eyes, chin etc. that could be in shadow from top-mounted lights. Other general lighting is important too but this is task lighting at its elegant best.
  2. Three banks of drawers provide plenty of storage. It’s good to have lots of places to tuck bathroom necessities out of sight.
  3. The curvy skirted toe kick lends the look of antique furniture and personalization to the vanity in Maple Hazelnut Glaze.

This former 20 year-old master bathroom in a Midwest home now has the look of the retreat the homeowners always dreamed about.

Closets Created From Cabinetry

Nothing feels better than purging our homes and our closets. We all have too much stuff and when it comes to our wardrobes, statistics say that we wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. Looking at my own habits, I would agree. So let’s take a look at some ways to make a closet a thing of beauty.

Waypoint's style 650F in Maple Espresso

Photo complements of PR Imports of Minden NV. Cabinetry: style 650F in Maple Espresso.

Whether it’s a reach-in or a walk-in closet, organizing that space is the key to making our mornings a pleasure rather than a pain. This closet by PR Imports of Minden NV uses creativity and (perhaps surprisingly) kitchen cabinetry to do just that. Designed for a new home project south of Reno NV, the design provides space for a variety of clothing storage.

Double rods make the most of space and most of us have wardrobes based on separates. Exceptionally tall people need more space between rods and it matters whether trousers are hung over the knee or from the cuff. Space for long items like dresses must be taken into consideration. Dresses are more popular today than ever and more space for them may be needed than in the past. Getting it right will mean a stress-free morning.

Waypoint's style 650F in Maple Espresso

Photo complements of PR Imports on Minden NV. Cabinetry:style 650F in Maple Espresso

Locating the rods is only one of the things to consider. Some items of clothing and things such as purses are better stored on shelves. I love that this design includes lots of open shelving as well as generous space behind glass doors. And who wouldn’t love the center island for additional storage and a surface to stage accessories like scarves, ties, shoes and jewelry for the next day?. Like kitchen islands, a proper walkway around them is critical. One of many things to take into consideration in a closet project.

Good lighting in a closet is critical and even a skylight can make color matching easier. It’s so hard to tell the difference between black and navy blue slacks in the dark! One last thing I like to see in walk-in closets is ventilation of some type. Perhaps it’s part of a whole-house system or even a separate vent similar to those found in a bathroom. Fresh air is always welcome.

A Touch of Country Here and There (Part Two of a Two-Part Blog)

Last week we talked about adding a touch of country to almost any kitchen or bathroom. The careful combination of dissimilar styles often leads to a much more interesting home. Here are several rooms that have that touch of country mixed in with ….well you be the judge.

Waypoint's style 720F in Maple Auburn Glaze

Photo complements of Volkman Kitchen & Bath Wauseon,OH. Cabinets: style 720F in Maple Auburn Glaze.

Everyone loves an island that has seating but in the kitchen above by Volkman Kitchen & Bath of Wauseon,OH, turned posts support the counter top giving it the look of a farm table. Interestingly, this remodel replaced the original kitchen in the home and I’m sure the owners are truly happy with the results.

Waypoint's style 730S in Maple Espresso

Photo complements of Premiere Floors of Sterling VA. Cabinetry: style 730S in Maple Espresso

While this bathroom (above) by Premiere Floors of Sterling VA shouts contemporary, the free-standing tub is an updated version of the old claw foot tub found in so many farm houses. Cleaner design lines….yes but a similar concept.

Waypoint's style 451S in Cherry Chocolate Glaze

Photo complements of Sterns Supply Center of North Vernon IN. Cabinetry: Style 451S in Cherry Chocolate Glaze

Collections are part of the country look. The charming kitchen above by Sterns Supply Center of North Vernon  IN made the most of the owners collection of cast Iron cookware.I’ll bet they are used regularly on that handsome gas range.

Waypoint's style 610S in painted maple

Photo complements of Allhouse Kitchens of Keyport NJ. Cabinets: style 610S in painted maple

Nothing says country like painted cabinets and the addition of ladder back chairs in this kitchen (above) by Allhouse Kitchens of Keyport NJ gives this space that touch of country. Okay…..the rooster in the window helps too.

Waypoint's style 420S in Maple Auburn Glaze

Photo complements of City Cabinet Center San Diego,CA. Cabinets: style 420S in Maple Auburn Glaze

The almost industrial-looking stools at the island above seem like something you might find behind the counter at a rural feed store. The rest of the kitchen by City Cabinet Center of San Diego CA is quite traditional with its subway tile back splash and classic hood but I love that bit of the unexpected.

Any room with a touch of country appeals to me. Wood floors here, a splash of grooved paneling there…..not too much. Just enough to add warmth and charm. That’s what these beautiful rooms all have!


A Touch of Country Here and There (Part One of a Two-Part Blog)

Relaxed, casual, reminiscent of a simpler time and sometimes a bit rustic, that’s country. And because things were simpler in farm houses, some country details fit nicely in to today’s clean-lined interiors. The vast popularity of Shaker style cabinetry seems to work in nearly every look from country to contemporary so do other details.

Waypoint's style 650F in Cherry Java and Maple Line

Photo complements of Universal Factory Direct Portsmouth,NH. Cabinets: style 650F in a mixture of Cherry Java and Maple Linen

In this charming kitchen (above) by Universal Factory Direct Portsmouth,NH you see several country touches that would be welcome in many homes. The chiseled face of the farm sink, the hardwood floors, the mixture of painted and dark cherry finish cabinetry and the beaded board on the custom hood all say country to me.

There are some basic details that immediately make you think of a charming home in the country. Here is a list of some of those details:

  1. Farm sinksWaypoint's style 610D in Maple Linen
  2. Beaded board on walls, ceilings or almost anywhere
  3. Beams
  4. Wood floors
  5. Antique (or simply old) furnishings and accessories
  6. Things that don’t match perfectly
  7. Open shelving
  8. Unadorned windows
  9. Decorative plates on the wall as decoration
  10. Cup pulls on cabinetry
  11. Glass doors with mullions
  12. Painted cabs
  13. Collections of interesting or quirky things
  14. Practical furniture and kitchen fittings

In pouring through some of the projects done by Waypoint Living Spaces dealers, I found a number that had just a touch or two of the country look.Next week, we’ll look at several more projects all with that touch of country. ‘See you then!