Ten Interesting Things about This Maple Linen Hutch

When more storage is needed look around for places in the home to tuck a well thought out built-in that compliments the space. Here, a hutch fills just such a space in the dining room. Let’s look at what makes it special:

Waypoint's style 760F in Painted Maple Linen

Waypoint's style 760F in Painted Maple Linen

  1. A deep cove molding build-up elegantly tops the wall cabinets.
  2. Stacked wall cabinets are trimmed with a center molding for a pretty detail.
  3. The wall cabinets are increased to 15” deep for extra storage.
  4. Clear glass inserts, glass shelves and added interior lights make the wall cabinets sparkle.
  5. Open cabinets below are trimmed with molding and hold frequently used items within easy reach.
  6. The shallow dish display area in the center has guardrails made from decorative molding that hold the dishes in place.
  7. Decorative corbels finish off the bottom of the wall cabinets and add charm.
  8. Decorator Matching doors finish off the ends of the wall and base cabinets.

    Waypoint's Peg Dish Organizer

    Peg Dish Organizer

  9. Deep drawers are fitted with Peg Dish Organizers which make lots of sense located near the dining table.
  10. The center of the base is pulled forward. This gives more counter space and shows off the beautiful countertop that complimenting the style 760F maple cabinetry in painted Linen finish.

A lot of thought, convenience and beauty were packed in this hutch, don’t you agree?

Colorado Log Home Provides Design Challenges

Waypoint's style 512 in Maple Hazelnut Glaze

Photo compliments of UNI Design of Greeley Colorado

The homeowners of this large log home had worked their way through renovations in the rest of the house and now it was time to tackle the kitchen.  As with nearly every kitchen project, there are challenges of one kind or another. In this case, it was the structure of the home itself that  demanded special attention.

Anytime unusual architectural elements  exist, the design really has to be carefully calculated. Here, the irregularity of the log walls would have caused problems installing the cabinets. So the walls were made flat by  building a drywall box behind the cabinets. This can easily be seen on the far left of the photo near the doorway. The false wall also provided the room  needed to freely locate outlets where needed…something that can’t be over looked.

Another design challenge was the log ceiling beams infringing on the cabinet space. ForWaypoint's style 512 in Maple Hazelnut Glaze the most part the cathedral ceiling kept the beams up and away. But one beam proved to be a real problem and the designers at  UNI Design in Greeley Colorado solved this  by selecting an open cabinet above the refrigerator and working around the beam.

Once the basic design challenges were resolved, it was time to think about what the homeowners wanted from the space.  On their wish list were an old-world finish on the cabinets and free-form shapes to soften the space. Maple Hazelnut Glaze painted cabinets  gave that old-world look and contrasted beautifully with all the wood in the room.

There is a repetition of shapes in the curve open shelves, the rounded counter at the snack area and the sought-after free-form counter space. Continuing the rounded theme, logs were used as the support for the free-form countertop. It’s an unusual choice but one that is perfect for this rustic home.

Waypoint Introduces New Painted Stone Finish

Waypoint's style 650F in Painted StoneSerene, sophisticated and uber cool. That’s gray. It’s a color that works with a variety of decorating styles. It’s just as appropriate in a country setting as it is in a room with an industrial edge. Long the designers’ darling, the color continues to gain in popularity. Gray is everywhere and shows up in fabric, paint, decorative accessories and now in Waypoint Living Spaces cabinetry.

Really we shouldn’t be surprised at gray’s popularity when taken in the context of kitchen design. How long have stainless steel appliances been in vogue? By my count, more than ten years .That makes it a true trend and not just a fad. Interestingly, Jenn-Air appliances recently introduced a refrigerator with an Obsidian interior. It’s nearly black but not quite and it’s a real revelation in the appliance industry. It looks like gray has a long life ahead of it.

Gray makes all other colors sing. It’s the perfect background color. Yellow, red or green. Pick your favorite color and it will likely work with gray. I love it with dark woods too. . There are true neutral gray’s derived solely from black as well as grays that lean to the blue or brown. Waypoint’s Painted stone has just a touch of blue in it and that makes it very livable.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces

Bathroom Updated to Maintain the Charm of the Home

Waypoint's style 650F in Maple Auburn Glaze

Photo compliments of Reliable Cabinets Inc. of Oberlin OH

BEFORE Photo compliments of Reliable Cabinets, Inc. of Oberlin, Ohio

Everything moved in this small bathroom renovation by Reliable Cabinets Inc. of Oberlin, Ohio. Absolutely nothing stayed in the same place and for good reason. Let’s start with the radiator which moved from under the window to near the entrance. I love that it’s covered to match the cabinetry and with a stone top there’s an extra bit of counter space.

The tile wainscoting with a mid-century vibe was replaced with charming beaded board paneling. The inefficient pedestal sink got its walking papers and was replaced by an unusual ‘L’ shaped vanity that takes advantage of all that lovely natural light. And it gives the homeowners generous storage and counter space that they never had before.

The toilet is moved to the left so it’s no longer the first thing as you enter the room. While it can’t be totally tucked out of sight, the new location makes for a much better layout. Fresh flooring, back splash tile and paint make a bathroom that is loaded with charm and function.

Oh, one thing didn’t change: the windows. They didn’t change or move and inch and they are just perfect the way they are.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces

Tiny but Terrific Kitchen Now Opens to the Dining Area

Waypoint's style 630 in Cherry Spice

Photo compliments of Total Kitchen Outfitters of Brooklyn NY

The homeowners wanted to open up this kitchen to the rest of the house and what a good idea that was. The space was limited and I can only imagine how happy everyone was with the change. Removing the wall made the kitchen feel more spacious than it had before and added easy flow among the kitchen, dining and living rooms.

The designers at Total Kitchen Outfitters of Brooklyn NY did everything right making the most of this tight space. Tall wall cabinets were used to maximize storage and the cook top was located right over the under-counter oven allowing a bit more counter space. Light colored walls, back splash and lots of recessed lighting makes the most of space. It’s interesting to note that the Cherry Spice cabinets are on the medium-dark side but look great in even a small space.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces

Secrets to Luxurious Bathrooms

Home improvement television shows often feature bathrooms that are the stuff of dreams. Luxury bathrooms every one of them. Whether they are master bathrooms, guest baths or powder rooms a little bit of luxury is worth the investment.

Waypoint's style 650F in Cherry Java

Photo compliments of Westminster Design Center

Luxury Finishes are the obvious part of a luxury bathroom. From high end countertops to upscale plumbing fixtures and fittings and beautiful cabinetry, it all makes a difference. A difference that will take a bathroom from ho-hum to one that is truly spectacular like the one above by Westminster Design Center of Westminster MD.

Heated floors are available in both electronic and hydronic systems. Besides the delicious feeling of a warm floor underfoot, they are quiet and don’t generate dust like a forced air system and so they are great for people with allergies.

Oversized Showers are what most desire these days.  They can be made luxurious by the addition of elegant tile work, frameless shower enclosures, a seat and lots of niches to hold shower toiletries as well as good lighting. And what about adding steam to make the space multi-purpose?

Photo compliments of Premier Floors, Inc.

Soaking Tubs have risen in popularity and while day-to-day we jump in the shower nothing beats a nice hot soak in a deep tub. The trend today is free-standing tubs like the one shown above in a project designed by Premier Floors of Sterling VA. They are elegant, create a focal point and are just plain beautiful.

Abundance of Storage in the form of beautiful cabinetry looks like built-in furniture but add a a sense of calm too because it allows easy organization. Glazing, crown molding and a detailed door style add to the sense of luxury in the room below created by Zelmar Kitchen Design & More of Orlando FL.

Waypoint's style 720R in Maple Hazelnut Glaze

Photo compliments of Zelmar Kitchen Designs and More

The final touches are thick towels, upscale lighting proper ventilation and enough counter space to make the space work easily. Perhaps the ultimate luxury would be adding a sound system to the room. There’s nothing like taking a bath to beautiful music.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces