Kitchen Remodel Helps a Historic Home Shine

Waypoint's style 650F in Maple Linen and Cherry Chocolate

AFTER photo compliments of VAMAC, Inc. of Richmond Virginia. Waypoint's style 650F

I love older homes. They have character that is hard to find in a new house. On the other hand, no one wants to live in a home with a real period kitchen. Still, we have to take the architecture of a home into consideration when doing a renovation.  And that is just what the homeowners did in this remodeling project. As you can see in the BEFORE photo (below), the room had good bones: lots of natural light, an exterior door with a transom above and delicious wide casings. However, the space lacked an efficient work space

Before photo

BEFORE photo compliments of VAMAC, Inc. of Richmond Virginia

and warmth.

The homeowner asked the designers at VAMAC, Inc. of Richmond Virginia for a design that would restore the historic look to their kitchen. In doing a sensitive remodeling, the windows and molding were left but the dated floor tile was replaced with a mid-tone hardwood. It’s completely on-trend today, and yet is just right for an older home.

The painted cabinets in a Shaker door style (Maple Linen finish in style 650F) are a perfect choice for a historic home.  The dark wood island gives the look of a furniture piece that was added to the original kitchen at a much later date. That helps create a look appropriate for an older home.  Classic subway tile was chosen for the backsplash. Playing off these traditional choices are the simple glass pendant lights and contemporary vent hood over the island. The stainless steel farm sink with a goose neck faucet are modern interpretations of classic elements. Some of my favorite looks are those that artfully combine traditional with contemporary elements. This room does just that.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces

The Rest of the Story: the Great Kitchen Behind the Room Divider

Last week we talked about the room divider (seen here at the end of the room) with the promise of taking a look at the rest of this kitchen by B H Design + Build of Mohnton PA. For me, one of the interesting things about this space is the use of texture. In interior design, texture   plays an extremely important role.  Smooth, shiny surfaces reflect light and softer, rougher items like upholstery absorb sounds and add visual variety. Both are artfully displayed in this project.

Waypoint's style 720F

Waypoint's style 720F. Photo compliments of B H Design + Build of Mohnton PA

It’s just the sort of room I would love to run my hand over all the surfaces. I never could keep my hands off a beautiful room. Some of my favorites:

  • The hand scraped flooring has the look of reclaimed wood.
  • The special tile mosaic medallion behind the range top (love it!) adds pattern and texture
  • Well-designed molding treatments on the top of the wall cabinets as well as the softly rounded light rail are great finishing touches
  • The contrast between the Maple Espresso island and the elegant painted cabinetry
  • The stunning clear glass globe pendant lights over the island with old fashion looking light bulbs

This kitchen is the stuff of dreams.But the basics of good design haven’t been ignored either. The counter space is luxuriously generous as is the storage. The double deep (two sided) island brings the work space in closer proximity to the burners and the ends of the island’s cabinetry are nicely finished off with decorative door panels….all in one package.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces

Room Divider Provides Storage and Style

Not every room needs a totally open floor plan. This space designed by B &H Design + Build of Mohnton, PA is the perfect example of how this might work.  A divider made from cabinet components in style 720 Maple Espresso serves a number of purposes without totally closing in the space. Clear glass on the upper wall cabinets with mullions and the center opening keep it open and airy.

Waypoint's style 720 in Maple Espresso

Photo compliments of B H Design + Build of Mohnton PA

Yes, the divider gives division to the large room and makes design sense of two support columns. It also adds storage to both the kitchen and family room. The back of the divider  provides wall space for the sofa which in turn creates a great conversation area.

The rich cabinet molding at the ceiling and below the upper center cabinets fit the elegance of the home. If you’re like me, you’ve been sneaking a peak at the fabulous kitchen beyond the room divider. Next week we’ll take a detailed look at the main part of this kitchen designed for a serious cook.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces

Young Families Need Play Space

Many older Millennials (people born between 1980 and 2000) are on their second home already. They have started their families or are planning to start one soon. When they are looking for their next home they have definite things in mind.  At the top of their requirements is a great school district. Nearby parks are also high on the must-have list. And if you watch nearly any home improvement show these days, the homeowners and designers alike bemoan the mess created by the children’s toys. So can you imagine how nice it would be to have a dedicated play area?Waypoint's style 750 in Maple Honey

With a built-in black board and a child-size table and chair set, this room rocks. Built-in storage hides games and toys when company is coming and the room can easily be converted to a teen hang out as the years progress by just changing out the table and chairs for comfy seating, a desk for studies and a computer. Empty nester? This would make a great craft room too.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces

Eight Interesting Things about this Dream of a Laundry Room

A light, bright space full of storage make this laundry room a dream for anyone.  Of course we don’t all have this much space to devote to wash day chores. But I think there are lots of ideas in this room created by BH design+Build of Mohnton, PA that will work in laundry rooms of all sizes.

Waypoint's style 650F in Maple Hazelnut Glaze.

Style 650F in Maple Hazelnut Glaze. Photo compliments of BH Design + Build.

  1. The laundry equipment is built in similar to what you might find in a kitchen surrounding a refrigerator. It gives a great custom look.
  2. Pedestals under the washer and dryer provide for extra storage space and raise the laundry equipment up to a height that eliminates a lot of bending.
  3. A wall-mounted television makes doing laundry a whole lot more fun.
  4. Wide windows flood the room with natural light.
  5. A Lazy Susan in the corner is an unusual bonus in a laundry room. It’s a great place to store laundry detergent and other cleaning supplies.
  6. Open shelves provide a space for laundry baskets for sorting dirty clothes.
  7. Enormous counter space makes folding laundry a pleasure. Piles for each family member can be stacked for easy pick-up and put away.
  8. An easy care floor of ceramic tile makes sense for this workhorse of a room.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces

Tiny Kitchen is Packed with Storage and Function

There’s a lot to be learned by studying what designers do in the small spaces of New York City apartments. This micro kitchen packs a lot of style and function in space that is less than 6’ x 7 ‘6”. That’s less than 53 square feet. Whew. The kitchen was part of a total renovation of a one bedroom apartment in a 1928 Art Deco building that took the space down to the studs. It was well worth it though. Lifestyle Space Design of New York City was the designer on this inventive project. Let’s look at some of the details that make this small-footprint kitchen work.

Waypoint's style 610 in painted maple

Photo compliments of Lifestyle Space Design of New York City

Flip up wall cabinets are used above the refrigerator and the combination convection/speed cooker/microwave because they put the doors up and out of the way. A definite plus in a small space. By the way, one of the secrets of making a compact area work is to have as many things as possible do double duty. Just as the oven provides several functions in one unit, the snack bar also acts a work area. It can be set up for a buffet too.

A full refrigerator/freezer is almost unheard of in small New York City apartments but by selecting a slim unit, it works. A petite glass cooktop provides the necessary burners and there’s a small sink. Even though the room is scaled down as it has to be, the designer still made room for decorative elements. A tall molding treatment finishes off the top of the wall cabinets, a trio of pendant lights adds glam to the snack area, an interesting backsplash tile was used and graceful corbels trim off the wall cabinets facing the living space. Beauty and function all in one tiny space. You have to love it!

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces