Connie's Corner

Tips from Waypoint's award-winning designer
August 24, 2015

Metal Magic

A walk through any decorating accessory store or browsing through shelter magazines and it will quickly become apparent that metallics are definitely ‘in’ these days. From framed mirrors to lamps and wall art, metallic finishes are seen everywhere. Copper has its fans as does iron and brass is making a bit of a comeback too.

The most common metal seen in today’s kitchens is clearly brushed nickle and similar finishes. Personally, I don’t think stainless steel appliances are going away anytime soon so I expect  that metallic finish, in particular, is going to be with us for a long time.

Waypoint's Style 650S in Oak Espresso.

This wonderful contemporary kitchen by Relo Interior Services of Tampa FL combines stainless steel appliances and sink with aluminum cabinet doors. The finishes blend beautifully. The operative word here is blend. Not all metals have to match. There are minor differences among the appliances, cabinet doors and faucets and that’s okay. Any room is more attractive with a variety of textures.

One of the magical parts of this design is the careful selection of wall cabinets with identical size doors. It gives a well-planned look and adds to the contemporary vibe.

When using metallics in a room it’s wise to keep the color scheme neutral.  Grays are a natural of course but any neutral scheme will work.

One more nice thing about metals is that they reflect light and make a room see more lively.….just one more reason to love the look.