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Tips from Waypoint's award-winning designer
July 13, 2015

Tiny New York Pied-a-Terre has a Storied Past and a Glorious Future

What do Andy Warhol and Waypoint cabinetry have in common? Both enjoyed spending time in this tiny New York pied-a-terre* just three blocks from Grand Central Station. How did Waypoint come to move in? It all began in a total makeover by well-known designer and Waypoint dealer, Kittie Lonsdale of Lifestyle Space Design of New York City. With less than 390 square feet (including closets), the spatial challenges were many. Nevertheless, Kittie was more than up for the challenge.

Waypoint's style 610S in Cherry Spice

The kitchen is tucked in a 54” recess and even in that microscopic space there’s a dishwasher with a matching wood front, a two-burner cooktop and a cleverly concealed microwave oven. When space is limited AND in the middle of the living area, concealing utilitarian components is necessary. That gives the room a polished look.

Even though the bathroom is tiny too, there was room for a generous shower and a pretty vanity cabinet with room to conceal cleaning and other bathroom supplies. Note the countertop extension over the toilet that gives additional counter space. Called a banjo top, it’s just one more way to make the most of a small space. It’s high enough above the toilet tank to accommodate service when needed.  And I love the shower door with it’s barn-door style hardware…very cool.

Waypoint's style 760F in Painted Linen Waypoint's style 610S in Cherry Spice Waypoint's style 610S in Cherry Spice

Perhaps the most ingenious part of this re-do is the wall of built-ins in the living room. The big challenge was a vertical support column in the left corner. The designer called for a cabinet  face frame to hide the obstacle. That did the job but left an empty space between the column and the end of the face frame. Kittie cleverly added pullouts to hold canned goods. The support column area was turned into message center. The rest of the cabinets hold office equipment and supplies, and a vacuum cleaner.

Here are some great small-space takeaways from this project::

  • Even a structural obstacle can be concealed and turned into something useful
  • Use every square inch of space
  • Hide appliances if possible
  • An all-white bathroom can look bigger than it really is

*A pied-a-terre is a small part time residence usually in a big city. The space is not for vacation but for part of the work week when the primary residence is some distance away.