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March 26, 2012

Unusual Kitchen Lighting Ideas-Guest Blog


Welcome to Connie’s Corner and a guest blog on unusual kitchen lighting by Daniela Schaer owner of  Lighting Deluxe http:/ This German based company sells high end lighting fixtures around the world. Lighting is SO important in a kitchen and it can be both interesting and functional as you will see here. Read what Daniela has to say:

Modern kitchen lighting combines functional and decorative aspects. You can’t go wrong by adding some lighting accents throughout the kitchen and then, usual kitchen lights are a perfect eye-catcher.   As many lighting manufacturers put an emphasis on creative design, there is a free choice from popular Italian lighting design to fascinating creations from ambitious designers.

Your personal kitchen lighting plan can start by reviewing the general room lighting. Is there a central ceiling mounted light source? If so, continue by having a closer look at your cabinet layout. It will be the base for breaking down the lighting needs inside your kitchen. As a next step, mark all other contents (i.e. counter-top, sink, dining table, etc.) with separate functional labels, such as ‘general’, ‘task’ or ‘decorative’. It is vital that you analyze the needs separately for every kitchen zone and start planning the lighting for your work surface first. Adding remarkable lights does not only contribute to the kitchens’ overall illumination , but also to its style.

Lighting manufacturers such as De Majo and Murano Due are known best for their creative lighting fixtures. Kitchen lighting offers include the interesting De Majo Pro Secco F recessed light and the Murano Due Elvis P wall sconce. The first one dominates with its elegant lamp shade and the second one, with its unique look inspired by a sunrise, is the embodiment of ambient lighting. In general, Italian lighting designers are very well known for traditional handicraft. It is where Murano glass and many high-fashioned crystal lights have their origin. Presenting the Flaver Xeno wall lamp, Italian lighting design presents its humorous side. Using your fantasy, the lamp shade with a smaller metal front has the appearance of a fried egg.

MuranoDue Elvis

Kitchen lighting should spread harmony and pleasure. Therefore, the German high-class manufacturer Anthologie Quartett has a lot to offer. Extravagant kitchen lights is just one of many areas of expertise Anthologie Quartett is specializing in. Examples include the Wine-Light wall sconce and the Coffee-Light mounting lamp. As you might guess, those lighting fixtures shaped like wine glasses and coffee cups will easily contribute to ambient lighting inside your kitchen or around the dining table.

Anthologie Quartett Coffee Light

logie Quartett Wine Light

All in all, kitchen lighting doesn’t have to be a complex matter, but it is layered. Apart from adding unusual lights for decorating purposes, under-cabinet lights will provide both task and ambient lighting and give your room a warm glow.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces