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Tips from Waypoint's award-winning designer
February 7, 2011

Waypoint Potting Bench has a Warm Country Look


In the next two weeks, we’ll look at how Waypoint cabinetry can organize the space for your hobbies. Gardening is one of the most popular pastimes in America. So, this week, let’s start by looking at a potting bench. It features Waypoint’s style 430F in Maple Auburn Glaze and it would be fabulous located in a garage or near the door of a walk-out basement. With a generous counter space and clever storage for gardening supplies it would be the envy of the entire garden club.

Waypoint Potting Shed shown in 430F_Maple Auburn Glaze

Wastebasket with lid used for potting soil storage: Waypoint style 430F in Maple Auburn GlazeThe rollout wastebasket is used to store potting soil and the lid keeps everything tidy. The wastebaskets are installed in an inverted frame base cabinet with Furniture Ends and trimmed with Tapered Legs. Small spice drawers typically found in a kitchen hold seed packets and other supplies. Shelving above keep things in easy reach and the open area under the countertop does triple duty:

• It’s knee space when a stool is pulled up for seated flower arranging or starting seedlings.

• It provides general gardening storage.

Puppy laying in a niche And best of all, it can be turned into a niche for a favorite pet. Our sweet little model, Doyle was a big hit on the photo shoot. Doyle has his own story; he’s a rescue dog out doing some modeling to earn a bit of money to buy kibble for all his little buddies.

Part of the charm of this space is the glaze on the cabinet finish, the grooved paneling and the practical cement floor. I especially love the texture of the corrugated steel on the walls. It was installed at 60″ off the floor and a board with antique doorknobs, used for the hooks, finishes off the top. All the textures and design details come together to create the perfect space for the country gardener.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces