Good Things Come in 2s

We’ve all heard the expression that good things come in twos. When it comes to design, it often means symmetrical design. That just means that two identical items are placed equidistant from a center point. Imagine a fireplace mantel with a centered painting and two matching vases on either end. Viola symmetry!

Waypoint's style 720R in Maple Butterscotch glaze

This is a perfect example of symmetry with cabinetry. This mud room built-in has a balanced arrangement of tall storage cabinets flanking the bench seat.

Waypoint's style 650S in Maple Linen

Individual vanities can have the added benefit of each user having their own space.

Waypoint's style 740F in Cherry Chocolate Glaze

Built-in trash cans come in singles and doubles. I like the double unit because you can use the second container for recyclables.

Several companies offer dual drawer dishwashers. These are great for singles, small families and people who don't cook a great deal.

Waypoint's style 750F in Maple Cream Glaze

This double decker divider makes sure there is a place for everything and makes organization simple.

When one of something is good, two can be fabulous!

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces

Adding Storage to a Vanity Area

No home has enough storage and this bathroom has more than enough for most. Let’s take a look.Waypoint's style 740F in Cherry Chocolate Glaze

One of the interesting aspects of this design is the stack of angledWaypoint's style 740F in Cherry Chocolate Glaze cabinets on the left. The Wine Storage Cabinet in the center has been  re-purposed as a towel storage and the cabinet below houses a tiered cutlery divider that is used to organize makeup and pull-out trash bins that can also be used for hampers.

Waypoint's style 740F in Cherry Chocolate Glaze

The overhead cabinets are set up for decorative items but they would be equally suited to storage in baskets or with doors with solid center panels.

Every tiny space can be utilized. Here a tiltout at the sink can conceal tooth brushes, combs or other small items. Usually found tucked in the front of a kitchen sink, it’s just as useful in the bathroom.Waypoint's style 740F in Cherry Chocolate Glaze

While not everyone has as much space as we had in this bathroom, any one of these ideas would improve the average bathroom.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces

Bathroom Details You’ll Love

Beautiful bathrooms are just a collection of beautiful details. Even If the bathroom has a clean, contemporary look, attention to detail will make the room special. Details can be decorative or purely functional; here are some that will make any bathroom a better place to be.

Waypoint's style 420R in Maple Spice

An open shelf to hold towels is the feature of this cool contemporary bathroom. Supported by metal tubing, the look is simple and functional. Of course the view is something I wish we all had!

Waypoint style 650S in Oak Tawny

Adding furniture feet to vanities dresses up even a simple door style. This tapered leg has an Arts & Craft look but there are a variety of options for other looks too.

Few things are more important to a well-functioning bathroom than good lighting. Here, contemporary wall sconces flank both mirrors washing the users' faces in an even glow. This is just what is needed for applying makeup or shaving.

Waypoint's style 630F in Maple Coffee

An inverted vanity frame with the drawer on the bottom provides extra storage. It does require that plumbing come through the wall if it is the basin base.

Waypoint's style 720R in Cherry Java

Who wouldn't want a pull-out wastebasket in their bathroom? Admitedly, it requires room for the extra cabinet but what a nice way to keep the bathroom tidy at all times.

Waypoint molding in Maple Cream Glaze

Molding treatments on wall or linen cabinets can be as plain or elaborate as preference dictates. This stack of molding clearly goes in a traditional home but more contemporary options are also available.

Not only is this shower generous in size, has a beautiful tile detail, trendy clear glass shower doors and features a seat. It's a combination that is hard to resist.

Waypoint's style 410S in Maple Espresso

Stacked cabinets add much appreciated storage. Note the pedestal made from backsplash material. It prevents water from pooling against the beautiful wood.

Until the next time….think details!

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces

Eclectic Bathroom

I don’t usually use the term eclectic but in this case it is the proper word for this bathroom. The term eclectic means: deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. Whether we know it or not most of us live in some version of an eclectic home. We just surround ourselves with the things we love.

In order for eclectic style to be successful rather than just a collection of unrelated items, some sort of theme and relationship to each other. Let’s take a look at this photo and see how things work together:Waypoint's style 650T in Oak Espresso

From the farm ladder style towel rack to the contemporized traditional style wall sconces, the finish is dark. Not necessarily the same finish but similar enough to ‘read’ as the same. It’s that connection that makes  the look work.

Even though the accent wall is in a color frequently associated with the southwest style, it works here because it is surrounded by a neutral palette.  The recessed panel door style on the cabinetry is often called Shaker. It is probably today’s most popular door style. It’s shown here in a dark stained oak but with a change of wood specie, finish and decorative hardware it would look good in nearly every decorating style. Even the classically simple mirrors can cross over from contemporary to traditional to country. It’s all about artful combinations.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces

This Vanity is Filled with Storage Ideas

I thought I would share with you this vanity filled with features not commomly found in most bathrooms. Every nook and cranny is filled with interior storage aids that make time in the bathroom a lot more organized.Waypoint's style 720R in Maple Hazelnut Glaze

A tilt-out tray in front of the basin is the perfect place to put toothbrushes and toothpaste.Waypoint's style 720R in Maple Hazelnut Glaze

A pullout trash bin with a space to store new bags keeps the wastebasket off the floor.Waypoint's style 720R in Maple Hazelnut Glaze

If plumbing permits, adding a Roll Out Tray to the area under the basin makes accessing bathroom necessities easy to find.

Combined with all the decorative features such as matching end panels, attractive knobs and pulls, French Carved Legs and the beautiful glazed finish, this vanity pretty much has it all.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces

Designing Bathrooms for Children

The most important thing to remember when planning a children’s bathroom is that they only stay small for a short time. Toddlers turn into gangly first-string high school basketball players in short order. Consider things that will work now as well as for adults:Waypoint's style 611D in Maple Linen

Here are some ideas with design flexibility…things that will grow with the children:

  • Adjustable hand-held showers mounted on pole offer flexibility. They can be moved up as the child grows and can work with an adjacent permanent shower head. I have always liked hand-held shower heads because they are so handy when cleaning the shower.
  • Find space to tuck a stool for use in reaching the vanity instead of installing a lower cabinet. Today, the preferred vanity height is 36” including the countertop and the children will soon enough grow into it.
  • Consider a framed mirror that can be hung at a higher height as needed. Another idea is to use a secondary full-length safety glass mirror-it works for people of all heights.
  • Use hooks to hold towels instead of just towel bars. Children will do a better job of hanging up those pesky wet towels if it can be done in one quick motion.

The best investment that can be made for a child’s bathroom is hidden behind the walls. It’s a thermostatic, temperature controlled valve for the tub/shower. Temperature control valves maintain a pre-set temperature (usually between 70 and 110 degrees) which prevents scalds. Every child’s bathroom should also have a bath tub. If there’s no room for a separate shower, plan on a combination tub/shower.  Slip resistant flooring and rounded corners on countertops add safety to the room.

Jack and Jill bathrooms are bathrooms with two entrances: one from each of two bedrooms. Best when compartmentalize and separated by a door so that one child can use the toilet and vanity and the other the tub/shower. It will make mornings for school-age children go much better.

Use cheerful colors on the wall. Paint can easily be changed. But keep permanent surfaces like flooring, tile and plumbing fixtures in neutral colors. That way the room can be updated with a new color scheme as the child grows and their taste becomes more sophisticated.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces