310 Cherry Spice


This finish is a medium-dark cinnamon. It will warm a cold space, and lend an air of intimate coziness to your home.

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Cherry Spice Color Story


My husband Jonathan had a conference in Los Angeles and we decided to make a mini-vacation out of the trip. We were going to rent a car and head up the Pacific Coast Highway for the day. When we got to the rental car company, we noticed that they offered exotic cars for rent. I talked Jonathan into splurging for the day and we rented this amazing, dark-cinnamon convertible. It was the most wonderful day and the best car trip I've ever taken. I remember thinking that I felt like Cinderella with her prince and her pumpkin had been turned into this wonderful car. Now, when I am in my kitchen and preparing the evening meal, I look at my cinnamon-colored cherry cabinets and I'm transported back to that drive, the Pacific Ocean and that girl named Cinderella.