310 Maple Cognac


Medium-rich brandy color with subtle notes of deep red. This finish drenches a room in sophistication, and can be classically styled or adopt a modern dress.

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Maple Cognac Color Story

Spice Up Your Kitchen

New Orleans is one of my favorite places. It's so unique-the combination of great music, amazing creole food and an artistic mix of the old world and hipster lifestyles. Every year we would head down to the Jazz Festival and watch our favorites, like Taj Mahal, perform, while peeling spicy crawfish and drinking brandy-colored deep-red hurricanes. There is a passion for life there that I haven't found anywhere else in my travels. When designing my kitchen, I wanted to capture the spirit of that town, so I combined my rich, reddish-brown Shaker-style cabinets with contemporary art and bright colors. Now, every day has a little more color, a little more spice and a little more cowbell.