320 Cherry Java


This is an intensely dark finish with a full-bodied depth of character. Its sumptuous expressiveness, with underlying hints of garnet, makes it an appropriate choice to add drama and panache.

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Cherry Java Color Story

Dark And Elegant

I was nervous the first time I met his family. We were going to lunch at the University Club, and to say I felt out of place was an understatement. The minute we walked into the room though, I was immediately entranced by the setting. It was all elegant, lots of glass and dark, rich wood with hints of garnet that gave out an intense air of sophistication. Luckily for me, his parents were as down-to-earth as they come, and we had a wonderful time. His mother and I still have lunch there once a month, and while I still feel awed when I walk into that room, I'm no longer intimidated. Maybe that's because that space served as my inspiration for our home-elegance and sophistication combined with our humble roots and love of nature. And everywhere you look you see that rich, full-bodied wood with it's incredible depth and character.