420 Maple Mocha Glaze


The medium–toned Spice stain is accompanied by a dark- brown glaze that adds rich contrast where panels and moldings meet. This classic finish is comfortable in the company of corbels and grapevine onlay.

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Maple Mocha Glaze Color Story

Chasing Butterflies

My daughter spent the afternoon chasing butterflies. She ran without stopping as only a six-year-old with an endless supply of energy can do. The butterflies were no less energetic and remained just out of reach. She ran as they flitted from flower to flower. My freckled princess was on a mission to nab just one of the orange-and-black-winged Monarchs. But a kaleidoscope of muted oranges and browns avoided capture. Breathless, she paused in her pursuit—and that's when the Monarch caught the princess.