420 Painted Stone


A warm medium grey finish that is the perfect canvas for setting a range of moods, whether paired with colorful accents or monochromatic tones, it is sure to create a stylish space.

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Painted Stone Color Story

The Toasty Life

We treasure ski season. But once breakfast is over, we go our separate ways. I ski. He snowboards. I like to glide down the mountain, lazily swooshing around trees, spotting the occasional moose along the way. He, on the other hand, is all about catching air. The one thing we both love is warming up at the end of the day. We sit before the fire with our hot chocolate, roasting marshmallows with our grey sock ensconced feet propped up on the hearth. That’s real togetherness. Too soon the weekend is over, and we go back to the reality of work and chores. But later, when I’m folding laundry, I’ll come across our grey socks, as toasty warm from the dryer as they were when we wore them in front of the fire. I see that grey color, and it takes me right back. I think tonight might be a cocoa kind of night.