450 Maple Coffee Glaze

This is a light, warm finish; café-au-lait in color. Think of a little coffee in your cream. The hand-wiped glaze is a deep espresso color that pools in corners and recesses of the Honey stained door’s features. It’ll perk up any space.

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Maple Coffee Glaze Color Story

Peace and Honey

No one understood why I wanted to marry Jason. He was a wheat farmer, and I was a city girl. No one thought I could handle the life, and they said I would be back for my city heels and power suits. But I love it here. There is something intensely peaceful when you're standing in a field, surrounded by warm, honey-colored wheat that softly reflects the golden sun. Now that I'm a mom I don't get out to the fields as much, but I made sure to surround myself in that beautiful light maple color and re-create that feeling of peace. With two boys, I'm going to need it.