451 Maple Auburn Glaze


This delicious deep-brown glaze puddles in crevices and adds depth to the door’s details. It’s applied to doors finished in cognac stain. The stain and glaze work together for a handsome look that can launch an array of styles.

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Maple Auburn Glaze Color Story

The Real Me

Some might say that I lead a double life. The first thing I do when I get home from work is exchange my tailored business suit and heels for my riding breeches, a T-shirt and a pair of the most exquisite leather boots you've ever laid eyes on. My boots are a color somewhere between maple sugar and auburn, so they match my fiery ginger hair perfectly. This is the real me-my boots, my T-shirt, and my horse, flying across the open countryside. There is nothing else that matters when I'm out riding. I can easily set aside the cares of the day and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me. When Monday rolls around and I'm trapped in one of those never-ending conference calls, secretly I am counting the minutes until I'm pulling on those boots and riding away into a maple-auburn sunset.