540 Maple Coffee Glaze


This is a light, warm finish; café-au-lait in color. Think of a little coffee in your cream. The hand-wiped glaze is a deep espresso color that pools in corners and recesses of the Honey stained door’s features. It’ll perk up any space.

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Maple Coffee Glaze Color Story


There is nothing like the sensation of gliding across the lake with only the sound of the oars gently pushing through the water. Rowing is as much mental exercise as it is physical and I enjoy the quiet solitude. Each morning is different, but it usually begins with me admiring the reflection of mountains, trees, and the yellow-brown reflection of my boat on the water's surface. The highly-polished, well-worn oar handles are streaked with deep brown lines and complement the color of the boat. Ripples created by those oars and the wake of the boat will soon distort the mirrored image and briefly turn what looks like a still life into an Impressionist's watercolor.