602 Painted Linen


A crisp, clean, ivory color that can create an open, fresh space, and when styled with monochromatic tones, can feel very sophisticated.

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Painted Linen Color Story

Thoughts of an Innocent

By the time we arrived at our mountain retreat, I was exhausted. I got up early the first morning, and took my coffee to the front lawn for some relaxing alone time. But Lizzie had beaten me to it. There she was in her linen nightie sitting on a swing looking out over the valley. She looked like part of the scenery; like a little creature of nature, a fawn or goldfinch. A breeze stirred the hem of her white nightie and moved through her hair. Such an innocent, unspoiled by the rigors of life. I wished she could stay that way forever, pure and unfettered as the color of white linen. Then she saw me and came running over. “What were you thinking about?” I asked. Her sweet little face was aglow with excitement. “I found a toad this morning. I'm going to put it in Jason's bed.” And then she skipped away.