603 Cherry Bordeaux


This finish is influenced by a deep claret hue. It is warm and confident enough to support either opulent or understated styling.

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Cherry Bordeaux Color Story

Picture Perfect Mornings

I like to get up early. Then, I feel like I have the whole world to myself. Before the rest of the day flies by in a hectic blur, I saddle up my favorite horse, a retired racehorse named “Bordeaux”, to ride out over the hills and open pastures near my home. I love to see the deep, rich color of the saddle and tack and drink in the intoxicating smells of the leather, hay and sweet feed. As we breeze through the fields and over the black fences, I notice all the beautiful colors around me swirling together into a life-sized landscape painting. In this scene of green grass and blue skies, I am a splash of my favorite color. As we turn down the lane that leads home, I begin to think of today’s to-do list that waits for me. My mount nickers to me, and I tell him that I agree. We turn back for one last gallop, and take the long way home.