605 Maple Truffle


The cocoa warmth of this elegant finish creates a living space that’s welcoming and sophisticated. Complement with monochromatic or high-contrast elements to acheive different looks.

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Maple Truffle Color Story

Dessert is Served

The French truffle is made with fresh cream and chocolate and then rolled in cocoa powder. They were such a treat as I was growing up. Mom would hide them and try to surprise me, but I learned to spot the soft-brown trace of cocoa butter on her clothing and knew that a special dessert was in store for me. Talk about your comfort food! Recently, I dropped into a bakery hoping for a few truffles when I spotted the shop owner dusting a small cake with cocoa powder. She explained that the cake was composed of thin layers of dark chocolate cake, separated by ganache and coated in cocoa powder. I had to have a slice. One taste of that familiar semi-sweet brown coating on the delicious cake and I was home again, and Mom was in her kitchen.