607 Maple Auburn Glaze


This delicious deep-brown glaze puddles in crevices and adds depth to the door’s details. It’s applied to doors finished in cognac stain. The stain and glaze work together for a handsome look that can launch an array of styles.

Other Finishes For Style 607 In Maple

Maple Auburn Glaze Color Story

Catching Lightning Bugs And Memories

Every summer, my folks would take us on vacation to Maine, to a lake cabin that my aunt Loretta owned. My sister and I each had a dip net that we use to catch everything from minnows to butterflies. In the evenings, as the sun would set and a deliciously deep brown would settle in the woods, the fireflies would come out. We would spend hours chasing them as they glowed against the cinnamon-colored backdrop, depositing them into a large jar with holes poked into the lid. When we were done, the jar lit up the back porch as our parents told stories into the night. Today, as I sit in my beautiful buttery-brown kitchen, I am reminded of those times and I realize what I was really catching in those nets were memories that I would someday share with my own children.