607 Maple Espresso


This rich, dark finish is a luxurious sable color and is often the backdrop of upscale d├ęcor. It is especially useful in rooms where drama is the desired effect.

Other Finishes For Style 607 In Maple

Maple Espresso Color Story


I was four years old the first time my father put me on his lap and placed my hands on the smooth, cool piano keys. But from that moment, I was hooked-all I've ever wanted since was to play. When I was older, working as a server and trying to find my big break, there was a small piano shop I would visit every day. I would roll up my sleeves, sit down at that grand instrument with its rich, luxurious dark color, and play. I could usually get in a couple of hours before the shop owner would kick me out. The day I could finally afford to buy a piano, I knew exactly which one to choose. The shop owner escorted me in with excitement, practically bouncing as he showed me where they were stocking my first album. I laughed as I headed over to the piano that had been a faithful friend to me for all those years, and ran my hand across the cool, dark, dramatic surface. "I'll take this one."