607 Maple Mocha Glaze

The medium–toned Spice stain is accompanied by a dark- brown glaze that adds rich contrast where panels and moldings meet. This classic finish is comfortable in the company of corbels and grapevine onlay.

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Maple Mocha Glaze Color Story


It was hard for my little girl to make friends when the nearest house was ten miles away. Before she started school, Patty's best friend was her bear, Mr. Fuzz Paws. She took him everywhere. They would spend all day on adventures, and his rich, comforting brown color would inevitably get dirty along the way, so I would have to wash him once a week. Patty would sit making faces at him as he tumbled around in the washing machine. Sometimes, from the window I could see the two of them deep in conversation. I'm not quite sure what a three-year-old has to be so serious about, but I'm glad she always had someone to talk to. The day she left for college, I walked into her room and saw Mr. Fuzz Paws sitting on her bed. "Just you and me now, huh?" I said to him, and I could swear that bear smiled back at me.