612 Hickory Natural

This translucent finish showcases the natural light and dark striations typical of hickory wood. No two doors are alike. This marvelous finish appeals to those who seek a refined rustic style.

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Hickory Natural Color Story

Drummer Boy

I started playing drums on the school bus. Well, more like drumming on the back of the school bus seat in front of me. The seatback was my drumhead, the metal frame my cymbal and a couple of yellow No. 2 pencils were my drumsticks. It wasn't long before I found like-minded friends and, after working all summer, real instruments were bought and our band came to life. My prized possessions were honest-to-goodness hickory drumsticks. No more pencils for this rock star. Those naturally two-toned hickory sticks were with me every waking hour, sticking out of my backpack or being "driven" across a sea of metal lockers. We're older now. The band is still together, and our playing has improved. Of course, we've all kept our day jobs.