612 Oak Honey


This golden, medium-toned finish brings out the texture of the grain. Look toward this strong hardwood, tempered by soothing amber overtones, to help create that comfortable feeling of home.

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Oak Honey Color Story

Leafing Through My Day

Reading has always been a favorite pastime. Even as a youngster I often spent hours reading or rereading a familiar book. My parents worried that I spent too much time indoors. I can still hear my mother say, "It's a beautiful day, you should get out of the house and have some fun. Of course, I would obey. I would sneak a book with me, plop down onto a bed of yellow, brown, red and orange leaves, lean back against the tree and lose myself in tales of King Arthur. I can close my eyes and see the illustration of Arthur and his Knights around a massive rustic table. According to the author, the table was made from a single giant oak.