613 Oak Tawny


This medium russet finish accentuates oak’s contrasting grain pattern. There’s a down-to-earth, easy air to this finish and wood. This is the finish to use for a truly American craftsman charm and other natural styles.

Other Finishes For Style 613 In Oak

Oak Tawny Color Story

A Delicious Experience

Making wine is my passion. The whole process is fascinating to me. The cultivation of the vines, the blending of the grapes, and even the patience required as those beautiful oak barrels slowly help convert juice into exquisite and delicate flavors. It’s always exciting to walk through those magnificent golden casks, stacked high, and, on appointed days, test the progress. I just love being surrounded by that warm oak while sampling the subtleties of a new wine. For me, it’s never work, it’s a delicious experience.