630 Maple Espresso


This rich, dark finish is a luxurious sable color and is often the backdrop of upscale d├ęcor. It is especially useful in rooms where drama is the desired effect.

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Maple Espresso Color Story

Dark and Dramatic

My dream guy is an Italian sport horse named Espresso. He’s moody, dark and very dramatic. Last week we went to our first show together, a small local one, just to get his feet wet. During our turn in the jump-off, the sky suddenly filled with dark storm clouds. You could feel the electricity crackling along your skin. So far, our round was clean, but I could feel the energy surge through us before he locked in on the last line. I worried that he might shy and run out. As he sailed over the final jump, the worst happened. A camera flashed. He simply turned his majestic head in the photographer’s direction and gave him a nod. I just love my dramatic Espresso.