630 Maple Natural


The transparency of this finish over natural maple wood allows its lovely grain to be on display. This maple has an almost peachy glow about it and is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the beauty of natural elements.

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Maple Natural Color Story

Mother Nature's Bounty

This was our dream, to escape the soul-crushing cubical world and open a vegetarian restaurant. And we did it. The reviews have been great, there’s been a buzz, and now we actually have a waitlist for reservations. Our recipe for success: buy produce locally for flavor, buy organic because our customers demand it and mad skills in the kitchen. So yeah, when I see that farmer’s crate coming in each morning filled with Mother Nature’s bounty, with its natural color and a little dirt on it, I have to tell you, it warms my spirit. It’s funny, both Angie and I are working harder than we ever have in our lives, but we’ve never felt so free.