644 Hickory Spice

This finish creates a subtle natural radiance and plays off the intricacies of the grain. This distinctive look adds a layer of authenticity and casual charm for many different looks.

Other Finishes For Style 644 In Hickory

Hickory Spice Color Story

The Cat's Meow

There's a new member of our family. I'm not sure whether she adopted us or we her, but she is here to stay. She showed up at our front door during a heavy rainstorm. We could hear her faint pleas for help even above the storm's racket. She had no collar and was a mess, but once she was clean and brushed, we discovered her beautiful striped coat is light brown with a slight orange tint, or light orange with a slight brown tint. My children started calling her Meg, but based on her playful nature and the color of her fur I call her Lucy, and we all love Lucy.