644 Painted Cashmere


This smooth finish is reminiscent of a most exquisite neutral khaki. This versatile and inviting tone is the perfect canvas for styles from traditional to modern.

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Painted Cashmere Color Story

The Big Splurge

It was the day I made partner. I tried not to let it show, but on the inside, I was hooting and dancing for joy. The partners and even the board were there when they called me in to extend the offer. Once I realized what it was about, I didn't hear another word. My mind was awhirl-except for the part about the healthy raise. That part got through. I graciously shook hands and said how honored I was. But in my mind, I was already at Bergdorf's trying on that gorgeous cashmere coat with the price I was never able to justify. Twenty minutes later, I was there, wrapped in soft, luxuriant warmth. I pressed the buttery lapel against my cheek. Rich, cashmere heaven.