660 Maple Espresso


This rich, dark finish is a luxurious sable color and is often the backdrop of upscale décor. It is especially useful in rooms where drama is the desired effect.

Other Finishes For Style 660 In Maple

Maple Espresso Color Story


I’ve always loved the color black. Its rich dark drama feels epic to me. I prefer nighttime to daytime. I prefer my vintage black Asian teapot to the latest porcelain colors. I prefer black cats with coats that set off their green eyes. I can never go wrong wearing my little black dress. Black is so versatile, works with any style, any setting, so it’s no surprise that I chose Espresso doors for my kitchen. Because no matter how much my interests and style may change, black is versatile and will always keep my kitchen feeling luxurious and stylish. So, are there any exceptions to my favorite color black? OK, you got me. I do prefer green tea to black tea…with just a hint of honey.