660 Maple Honey

This finish imparts a warm tone to natural maple wood without diminishing its charming grain. Its golden hues lend harmony and balance to a room that’s very inviting.

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Maple Honey Color Story

Our Little Lumberjack

Peter was so excited the day we found out we were having a boy. He immediately went to the store and bought these little baby flannel shirts and work boots. From the time James was a toddler, Peter would take him along to watch him split wood, and to his workshop to teach him all about woodworking. He has always loved that smell of freshly cut wood, and the beautiful golden color, and I knew he wanted to make sure James loved it just as much. I went out there last week to call them inside for lunch, and found them both laughing hysterically as James tried to push his daddy around in his kiddie wheelbarrow. A picture-perfect moment.