660 Painted Boulder


This dark grey finish makes a dramatic statement for many living space styles. Its strong tones and clean finish are the perfect backdrop for colorful contrasting elements or more neutral accents.

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Painted Boulder Color Story

Grey Haired Rock Stars

Grandpa never talked much about his service in World War II. But one time the whole family got to go with him to a Pearl Harbor Veterans gathering in Hawaii. We got to run around these huge old blue grey painted battleships and everyone treated grandpa and his grey haired friends like they were rock stars. Finally as we were about to leave, grandpa took my brother and me for a walk, it was raining and the cool grey sky matched the color of those big ships. He told us about his time in the navy and his friends that never had a chance to grow old and grey like him. He spoke about duty, family and being a man. He's been gone now for many years, but when I sit in my office at home and I look at those cabinet doors that match the color of those old battleships and the sky that day, I think of him and the impression that talk made on me and my life.