661 Maple Natural

The transparency of this finish over natural maple wood allows its lovely grain to be on display. This maple has an almost peachy glow about it and is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the beauty of natural elements.

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Maple Natural Color Story


Nothing can top those summers I spent at the lake with my cousins. So many great adventures. One day, my grandfather taught my cousin and me how to make our own fishing poles. By the time we were ready to fish, the sun had already begun to set. Everything around us took on a natural, almost peachy glow that matched the fishing poles we had just spent hours making. My grandfather grabbed the first two hats he could find in the house and plunked them on our heads, and we ran to the dock. We spent the evening there, baiting our hooks and marveling at what we managed to catch. I tried to take up fishing when I got older, but really, nothing compares to sitting on the dock with a natural, handmade pole, your feet skimming the water and a hat that's way too big for your head.