740 Cherry Chocolate Glaze

This finish sports a deep, dark glaze over a Cherry Spice stain. Doors with this hand-applied glaze offer timeless beauty that accommodates the most discerning taste.

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Cherry Chocolate Glaze Color Story

I Made the Team

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the first time my brother and his friends let me play. They probably thought I would get bored and go home, but there was nothing I wanted to do more than play football. It was just practice, but to me it was the real thing, a chance to run towards the goal with that beautiful brown pigskin. I didn't bring much in the way of talent to the game, but I did bring all the energy I could muster and my best "game face". My brother and his friends said I could be on their team, but I was more mascot than a player. That was OK, as I loved hanging out with the big kids. I loved it even more when my birthday came around and Mom ordered a football-shaped cake with chocolate icing and red sprinkles—my favorite.