740 Painted Stone


A warm medium grey finish that is the perfect canvas for setting a range of moods, whether paired with colorful accents or monochromatic tones, it is sure to create a stylish space.

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Painted Stone Color Story


When I find a partner with all the attributes of my dog, Rudy, I will have found my soulmate. Someone who understands me and loves me just the way I am. When he looks at me with those beautiful gray eyes, it makes me want to be the perfect, wonderful person he thinks I am. Rudy, with just his presence, can turn a house into a home. He is just as happy lying around as running along the shore. I love it when I give him a hug-he always returns the affection by licking my face, and his beautiful stone-colored hair sheds onto my sweater. OK, it's probably better if my future soulmate doesn't shed on my sweater-but bring on the kisses!