750 Painted Butterscotch Glaze

This light buttery-toned glaze, on our Painted Silk door finish is hand-applied glazing leaving a deeper, distinctive accent in the door’s bevels and contours.

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Painted Butterscotch Glaze Color Story

Riding Along

Everything about a carousel delights a child's senses; the mirrored center column, the lights, the music, and the richly painted horses chasing each other in a perpetual race. My granddaughter has a favorite. The horse is off-white like the color of English Breakfast tea with just the right amount of milk. The saddle and bridle are yellow, red and blue, and the horse is a JUMPER. The style of the horse is important, as some are PRANCERS with rear hooves on the ground. Others are STANDERS. Her horse is real to her, and she wants to race. You can only do that with all four hooves off the ground.