750 Painted Cashmere


This smooth finish is reminiscent of a most exquisite neutral khaki. This versatile and inviting tone is the perfect canvas for styles from traditional to modern.

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Painted Cashmere Color Story

Cashmere Soothes My Soul

One of the latest trends in spin classes is those branded cycling chains in strip malls. I prefer to hop on a bike and ride out to the country to free my soul. I prefer the sounds of bleating goats and rustling leaves to a barking trainer. I will always choose natural oatmeal-colored cashmere over those neon synthetics. I prefer a country road to a monitor's simulated peak. I seek the comfort of family and friends over a class full of sweating strangers. Call me old fashioned, call me traditional, but I prefer a simple bike to a 10-speed. There is a place in my life for the latest technologies and bright colors, but I will always gravitate to simpler things and earth tones.