760 Maple Auburn Glaze

This delicious deep-brown glaze puddles in crevices and adds depth to the door’s details. It’s applied to doors finished in cognac stain. The stain and glaze work together for a handsome look that can launch an array of styles.

Other Finishes For Style 760 In Maple

Maple Auburn Glaze Color Story


Jake was so upset when we moved out of the city. He missed his school, his friends and his big-city lifestyle. For days he moped around the house, refusing to smile. Then his dad brought home Tucker, and from the first moment those two saw each other, they were best friends. This little dog with his deliciously deep cinnamon-colored spots made Jake light up all over again. When we took Jake with us as we looked for cabinets for our dining room, Jake immediately pointed to the dark auburn cabinet doors. "Look, Mommy! It looks just like Tucker!" Now whenever I reach for a mug or a plate, I can't help but smile and call Tucker over for a good ear scratch.