760 Painted Ember Glaze


A deep taupe glaze warms our Harbor door’s painted finish. The glaze collects in the bevels and contours of the door cut to create a unique hand-finished artistic feeling. It can be dressed up or down depending on one’s taste.

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Painted Ember Glaze Color Story

Throw That Pot

I discovered pottery in a college art class. I never would have thought I would go for clay; getting my hands all covered in that ember gray ooze didn't appeal to me. But there was something about crafting with my hands, taking that battleship-colored clump of earth and turning it into something special. I like the dull smell of the clay, the clean, gray color of it before it's fired. The need for such meticulous movements, such detail, put me into a meditative zone. Now, many years later, my hands are not what they used to be. Not quite as steady, and they hurt. But I can't tear myself away from my pottery. There's something about that pure, relaxing smoky color, something about that smell. It takes me longer these days, but my work is just as precise as it was back in art class.