D04 Duraform Silk


Muted, adaptable and refined. Our Silk finish plays well with other colors and comes across as soft as the fabric it’s named for.

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Duraform Silk Color Story

Angelic Days

Seriously, who doesn't love a snow day? (Besides adults who actually have to go in to work.) I don't mind waking up on snow days. I spend hours outside, with no thought of how much time passes. I love that smell of the cold-it smells like...pure white. My hands and feet get sweaty because I'm so bundled up, but my nose still turns red and numb. My favorite thing to do on a snow day, though, is to lie back in a pile of snow and let the entire world melt away. I'll stare up at the flawless white sky and let the snow, my coat and hat filter out everything, so all I can hear are hushed, muffled sounds. I think that's why they call it "white noise."