T11 Thermofoil White


This is a pure radiant white—neither warm nor cool, but complements the style you desire. This versatile finish is the foundation upon which you can build your vision.

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Thermofoil White Color Story

Swept Away on Ice

Now that’s what I call a first date. How clever he was to think of ice-skating. Not that I skate very well, but he did catch me every time I fell—except for the times I caused him to fall. He didn’t seem to mind. But what an unbelievably gorgeous day. Even the ice was a pristine white; so crisp, so clean, adding to the magic. And when snowflakes began to fall, I was swept away. Gliding over the ice, side by side, hand in hand. By the end of the afternoon I was smitten. I just hope it didn’t show too much. He skates beautifully. Personally, I aspire to nothing more than to fall into his arms again next week. I hope I never get too good at skating.