Connie's Corner

Tips from Waypoint's award-winning designer
August 25, 2014

The Office of your Dreams

Waypoint's style 410S in Maple Espresso

With its clean and crisp lines, this work space  would be a dream in a professional workplace but it could work just as well as a home office.

Floor Plan

A sawhorse-type desk is backed by a built-in  credenza  with lots of possibilities. The whole area is a lesson in stacking cabinets. The towers, provide open book shelves as well as closed storage on the bottom and clear class inserts in the upper layer.

Even the main work surface is a combination of stacked wall cabinets and a drawer base with a Kneehole Drawer Cabinet (KDC 2721) installed above it. It has an overall height of just over 40”. Which works with today’s trend of stand up work stations as a healthier way to work. As a side note, standing all day instead of sitting like we’ve done for decades, isn’t as easy as it seems. Yes, it will burn more calories and perhaps keeps us more alert but it takes practice (and sometimes coaching) to learn how to stand correctly for long periods of time.

The computer can be connected to the television screen and the accent panel behind is painted in a sightly deeper hue to set it off. This arrangement would be perfect for a design office if you wanted to display CAD drawings to your customers while still facing them.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces