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Tips from Waypoint's award-winning designer
March 23, 2015

Colorado Log Home Provides Design Challenges

Waypoint's style 512 in Maple Hazelnut Glaze

The homeowners of this large log home had worked their way through renovations in the rest of the house and now it was time to tackle the kitchen.  As with nearly every kitchen project, there are challenges of one kind or another. In this case, it was the structure of the home itself that  demanded special attention.

Anytime unusual architectural elements  exist, the design really has to be carefully calculated. Here, the irregularity of the log walls would have caused problems installing the cabinets. So the walls were made flat by  building a drywall box behind the cabinets. This can easily be seen on the far left of the photo near the doorway. The false wall also provided the room  needed to freely locate outlets where needed…something that can’t be over looked.

Another design challenge was the log ceiling beams infringing on the cabinet space. ForWaypoint's style 512 in Maple Hazelnut Glaze the most part the cathedral ceiling kept the beams up and away. But one beam proved to be a real problem and the designers at  UNI Design in Greeley Colorado solved this  by selecting an open cabinet above the refrigerator and working around the beam.

Once the basic design challenges were resolved, it was time to think about what the homeowners wanted from the space.  On their wish list were an old-world finish on the cabinets and free-form shapes to soften the space. Maple Hazelnut Glaze painted cabinets  gave that old-world look and contrasted beautifully with all the wood in the room.

There is a repetition of shapes in the curve open shelves, the rounded counter at the snack area and the sought-after free-form counter space. Continuing the rounded theme, logs were used as the support for the free-form countertop. It’s an unusual choice but one that is perfect for this rustic home.