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April 1, 2013

Custom Bed Surround is an Amazing Use of Cabinetry


Waypoint's style 612D in Cherry Java

I believe in using cabinetry nearly everywhere in the home but this bed surround is a really unique application. Designed for a custom home in Florida it utilizes cabinets typically used in desk design to act as the attached nightstands. The headboard is paneled with matching decorator doors for a rich traditional look.Waypoint's style 612D in Cherry Java

Perhaps the most interesting part of this design is back of the unit. It is composed of a combination of bookshelf units and wall cabinets with glass-front doors and decorative legs. Together they act as a room divider. Filled with books and collectibles, it’s a practical and beautiful way to conceal the back of the bed. The cabinets are capped with granite tops for a finished look. Because the bed is free floating in a very large windowed-filled master bedroom, the back of the unit is seen first when entering the room…so it needs to be nothing short of spectacular.

I love a creative use of cabinetry and this bed surround is positively dreamy!

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces