Connie's Corner

Tips from Waypoint's award-winning designer
October 18, 2010

Layered Countertops Add Design Interest


Countertops are getting a lot of attention these days. Not only are they getting thicker but often you will find multiple countertop materials in one room. And the materials are increasingly interesting: concrete, recycled materials, zinc and composites of all kinds. Another trend is layering countertops. Here are some examples:

Waypoint kitchen in style 630F in Cherry Chocolate featurng layered island countertops

While it isn’t entirely easy to see, the eating area on this island actually sits on top of the main island top. The overall height of the snack bar is 38 ½”. That could present a challenge finding the correct stool seat height. In this case, the stools have a hydraulic lift that adjusts the seats from 23” to 31”. Problem solved. A quick Internet search will locate a number of stools with this adjustable feature.

Waypoint kitchen in style 420T in Maple Spice with elevated layered countertops

Another way to layer countertops is with slanted tubular stand-offs. These are offered by several manufacturers and come in several finishes. Some are designed for glass raised countertops and others for solid materials. The cantilevered look fits this contemporary kitchen.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces