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July 15, 2013

Seven Great Places for an Extra Sink


Extra sinks can be very helpful in the home. Oh, the basics in bathrooms and kitchens go without saying but think about the possibilities to improve the livability of the home with a strategically placed extra sink.

Below is a list of some of my favorite places to add a sink. Yes, installing plumbing in a brand new location comes with a certain cost but depending the age and accessibility of the plumbing in the new location, it can be more do-able than one might think. No matter what, the benefits will far out-weigh the added cost.

Waypoint's style 640S in Maple Spice

Even the (1.) kitchen can benefit from a second sink. One option is to add it to an island. But to make it truly practical it should be located away from the main traffic area so that a helper can use it without interfering with the primary cook. That might well put it near the dining area which makes it eminently practical for cleaning up after meals or filling water glasses.

The cabinets shown below are also part of a larger kitchen and serves as a beverage center.  It is also happens to be located near the door to the dining room and that makes it ideal for filling water glasses and makes a handy serving area.Waypoint's style 650S in Maple Honey

(2.) Believe it or not the master bedroom is another great place for an extra sink when it is part of a morning kitchen. This works best in larger homes when it makes sense to have a place to have a quick yogurt, cup of fresh coffee and bagel without leaving the master suite area.Waypoint's style 410S in Maple Espresso

(3.) If there is a dedicated craft room (every woman’s dream) then a sink placed there is very handy. From cleaning out paint brushes to washing the glue off sticky little fingers a sink will be very useful.

Waypoint's style 630F in Cherry Chocolate Glaze

(4) Butlers’ pantries, when located between the kitchen and dining room, will be handy for serving and clean up. This arrangement is most often found in older homes and one good thing is the plumbing won’t be too far from the kitchen. That will be a money saver.

(5.) Not every laundry room is large enough to have a sink but if the space is available, it can come in handy for soaking stained garments and rinsing out hand washables. A higher faucet comes in handy for filling cleaning buckets too.Waypoint's style 420T in Cherry Bordeaux

(6.) A sink in the side entry (often called the family foyer) comes in handy especially for families with small children. It’s a great place to get a quick drink of water during play. Even better, its’ a great place to wash dirty hands after play or a morning in the garden.

(7.) Beverage centers deserve a sink even if a small one. It’s great for making beverages, grabbing a quick glass of water, as well a cleanup. Beverage centers can be in more formal living areas (like the one shown below) or in casual areas. Either way it’s a winner.Waypoint's style 513S in Cherry Spice

There are lots of different sink materials and types of faucets to pick from today so no matter the style of the home, choosing the right materials for the extra sink will be easy.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces