Connie's Corner

Tips from Waypoint's award-winning designer
August 5, 2013

Super Sink Base Makes the Most of Under Counter Storage

When every inch counts, consider maximizing under-sink storage. This sink unit comes with a number of specialized features that make the most of space. Waypoint's 650T in Cherry Chocolate

The stainless steel Tilt Out Trays are surprisingly useful for paring knives, sponges or scrubbers. Caution is needed selecting a sink when using tilt outs. Extra thick sinks made from cast iron, for instance, may cause the tilt outs to rub or not function at all. Most stainless steel sinks work beautifully though.Waypoint's 650T in Cherry Chocolate

Attached to the left door is a caddy for cleaners and a perfect spot to store a sponge. The right side is outfitted with a place to store plastic bags for reuse and another tray. The free standing Multi-Storage Shelf can be placed on the left or right. Of course, the plumbing has to be taken into consideration. Through-the-wall plumbing will probably work the best.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces