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Tips from Waypoint's award-winning designer
May 18, 2015

Ten Interesting Things about this Dreamy Wine Room

The number of people who enjoy a glass of wine continues to increase according to Wine Enthusiast magazine, boomers have long enjoyed a glass of vino, but now it’s the Millennials (those reaching young adulthood in the year 2000) that are adding to the popularity. This age group is also more interested in visiting vineyards on their vacations and making their own wine as a hobby. Homemade wine can be made from actual grapes etc. (my neighbors make mulberry wine from the berries on the tree in their yard) or there are kits that include the concentrate and all the additives.

Waypoint's style 730S in Cherry Java

With that many wine lovers around, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the perfect room in which to store the wine and to entertain your like-minded friends? This wine room has just about everything a person could ever want.

  1. Book shelves with Stem Glass Holders start the sophisticated storage
  2. A 42” high wall cabinet is placed on the counter for easy-reach storage
  3. Wine Storage Cubes add wine racks for those wines that don’t need to be chilled
  4. A cantilevered cap gives a certain sophistication and accent lighting
  5. A cantilevered countertop continues the theme …’love the look
  6. Layered countertops are a hot trend right now and this one looks great. I call an area like this an attached island or you could also call it a peninsula
  7. Two different  countertop materials give lots of texture to this room
  8. Open space for collectables under the counter is a unique look or just leave the space open to give some design relief
  9. Base Wine Cubes tucked under counter give a third kid of wine storage
  10. An adjacent seating area with a contemporary fireplace is the perfect way to end an evening