Connie's Corner

Tips from Waypoint's award-winning designer
October 29, 2012

Ten Interesting Things about This Oak Tawny Kitchen

This beautiful kitchen with an Arts &Crafts feel is full of texture, warmth and character. Here are some of my favorite details:Waypoint's style 650F in Oak Tawny

1. Tall book shelf cabinets stacked on 18” base cabinets flank the built-in refrigerator. Open shelving in kitchens is very popular today to show off collectibles and attractive kitchenware.

2. Stained glass windows add color and enhance the Arts & Crafts look.

3. The pot rack was custom made from solid stock from Waypoint Living Spaces. Hardware and chain, purchased locally, finish the look.

4. A 3-piece top molding adds a strong horizontal line to the kitchen.

5. A full-height tiled backsplash makes for easy cleaning behind the range.

6. Rice paper glass inserts are installed in the mullion doors.

7. 5-piece drawer heads are perfect for this kitchen. They give a craftsman look to the cabinets.

8. Tapered legs add a furniture look to the cabinetry.Waypoint's Style 650F in Tawny Oak

9. A thick, round wood countertop is installed on top of the center island giving two working heights.

10. Wall Top Hinge cabinets are installed in the island for useful flip-down storage.Square legs support the island top and the shelf below.

A kitchen is made up of lots of details and this kitchen is full of interesting features that are both beautiful and functional.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces