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April 11, 2011

Tips for Small Bathrooms

Don’t we wish that every bathroom in our home were spacious? Since that isn’t always true, here are some ideas to make the most of the space you have.

Birdseye view of a small bathroom

Begin with the basic layout. There may not be many options for plumbing locations in a tiny bathroom. As this illustration shows, sometimes they just have to go where they fit. This small bath has a walk-in shower with a seat but it would fit a tub/shower combination just as easily in the 60” x 103” space. One advantage of this arrangement is that the narrow wall provides a barrier between the toilet and the seat in the shower. It’s often a challenge to provide any kind of visual barrier between the toilet and the entry door or the tub in a small bathroom. This solution requires a custom shower door but it makes the most of a tight space.

It might seem that a pedestal lav is a great idea for a small bathroom but the reality is that storageWaypoint bathroom cabinetry with over-the-toilet storage in style 630F in Cherry Chocolate is of the utmost importance in a small bathroom. Clutter makes a small space unbearable. A cabinet over the toilet can be a big help concealing cleaning supplies and other necessities.

Waypoint offers reduced depth vanities so that is one option. Floating vanities that allow the eye to travel the full length of the room will give the illusion of the maximum space. OrWaypoint cabinet with inverted frame used as a vanity: style 610 in Maple Coffee consider a vanity with a drawer on the bottom. It requires through-the wall (rather than through the floor) plumbing but the addition of a drawer is very helpful in a small space.

Good design calls for windows to equal 10% of the square footage. So consider skylights or solar tubes to add light during the day. Light colored walls are helpful too. While I like dark walls in powder rooms where drama is often desirable, tiny rooms, used daily are often best suited to lighter tones.

Pocket doors into the room may be another option to free up space but the pocket will mean that you can’t install towel bars or anything else in that space so make sure it is the best decision for the room.

With the royal wedding fast approaching, we are fascinated with all things British so I wasNeo-Metro's MiniLoo delighted to learn about Neo-Metro’s MiniLoo. And no…I’m not kidding. This very sleek toilet comes in a variety of finishes and uses an in-wall dual flushing system. It’s the European in-wall flushing mechanism that accounts for the space savings. No tank means more space. At $1300.00 to $1600.00, they are not inexpensive and are only available directly from the manufacturer. Still, I think they are a most interesting solution.

Tight spaces don’t mean that a room can’t function well and be beautiful. I hope one or more of these ideas will be helpful.

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces