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October 12, 2015

Two Master Bathrooms Get Makeovers

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Two bedraggled master bathrooms recently got makeovers from Waypoint dealers. One homeowner even asked for a clean sweep from their designer. And a clean sweep is what they both got. New finishes, flooring…the whole nine yards.

Waypoint's style 420S in Maple Espresso

Interestingly both homeowners choose Maple Espresso in similar recessed panel door styles. And they both chose sidelights for to illuminate the mirrors. This type of lighting is my favorite (along with some overall lighting) because side lighting fills in the contours of the face during makeup application or shaving.

Here are some things that are unique to each project:

Waypoint's style 410S in Maple Espresso

The vanity area designed by Kieran Brothers Kitchen and Bath of Gilbert,AZ features glamorous hanging side lights and a single vessel-style basin, The mosaic tile floor gives a vintage look. Small tiles tend to be more slip resistant too.

The vanity area designed by Hankins & Associates Inc. or Furlong, PA is a single basin arrangement too but it this case the basin is under mounted. The sidelights are wall mounted and flank two different styles of wall mirrors. A lowered makeup area adds and personal space.

Several things in common…yes but a slightly different approach that gave each homeowner just what they wanted.