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July 1, 2013

Your Wish is Granite

Your Wish is Granite is not just the title of this week’s blog but also the name of the granite fabricator near Waterford, PA that I recently visited.

I wanted to see what was new in granite countertops and fabrication. I also wanted to confirm if darker granites are more resistant to stains than lighter colors and it seems that it is generally true. Some darker colors are denser and therefore less susceptible to absorbing liquids.

There are over 200 types of granite from around the world and you might wonder why some are so much more expensive than others. It is as simple as supply and demand (popularity). There are whole mountains of some types of granite and others are rarer.

Selecting the right granite for a project is primarily a matter of color preference. Getting a sample of all contenders and looking at them in the light of the home is a must. A sample as large as can easily be handled is a good idea. Many types of granite have large patterns that require a trip to the slab yard to truly appreciate what the stone will look like when cut into individual countertops.

Overall patterns are better for smaller kitchens. Stones with a lot of ‘motion’ look stunning on large islands but aren’t appreciated in a small space where sink cutouts and appliances will surely obliterate the beauty of the stone.

Edge treatments vary from fabricator to fabricator but the basics are eased edges (square with a slightly softened corner, bullnose (a true radius) and a variety of shaped edges. Often the edge treatment will add to the price. Interestingly, the company I talked to included six different edges in their basic quote.

Granite is available in more than just a highly polished finish. Other options are flamed, brushed, leathered and honed. Each has its merits and drawbacks so it is one more detail that needs complete attention.

While contrasting tile backplashes are all the rage, sometimes a simple matching 4” backsplash is the right answer. The fabricator I talked to makes sure that the backsplash is cut from not only the same piece of stone but also right next to the countertop so any pattern is continued from top to splash.

Care in reducing the number of seams required is part of the designer’s and fabricator’s job. Depending on the stone itself, the seams with be more or less noticeable but they will exist on large expanses.

Most stone countertops are sealed and sometimes that means they have to be resealed every year or two. There is a new permanent carbon crystal sealant that Your Wish is Granite uses. Called Granite Shield, it considers its sealing process (which varies depending on whether the stone is considered light, medium or dark) permanent and can even be used on older existing granite countertops.

I loved visiting with the staff at Your Wish is Granite and frankly, how could your resist a company with such a clever sense of humor in naming their business?

Connie Edwards CKD, CBD, Waypoint Living Spaces